How to add bookmarks to Chrome?

Here is a quick video from Google that will show you the way to add them to Chrome:

Reducing the number of clicks you are making on Google Plus

Do you ever find yourself navigating a few screens to get places in the Plus?
Well, here is a really quick tip for you that should help you speed up access to want you want on Google+ e.g.

a) Home and your Profile on Google+

b) Pages you manage or visit regularly

c) Communities you moderate or visit regularly

Existing shortcuts

When it comes to shortcuts to other Google Products and Services, you have those sitting on the top bar already

1. Here are links to e.g. Calendar, YouTube, Drive (very handy)

2. If you add a bookmark using Chrome you can then add that link to the top bar - the bookmarks bar - for easy access.
This could seriously quicken you moving from place to place in the plus. In the example below I have a mix of Pages and Communities with similar names, so I cluster those either side of the 'calendar' icon so I know where they are.

Also, very obviously but worth saying, if you use the right click function you can open up another page as well and can just return to the previous tabs more easily than e.g. navigating backward. If you run multiple Google+ Pages, this will allow you to flip between 'identities' much more easily.

Customising Your Shortcuts

Extra Tip on notifications and bookmarks

You may also like to add a link to your notifications page here too by right clicking on the notifications bell and opening a new page, then add as a bookmark.
The great thing about bookmarks is that your can prioritise those you find you are using, and simply have the others nearby in the drop down list.


Hopefully this quick tip will help you speed up access to the information you want the most, as well as quickly flipping between the communities and Pages in which you're involved.