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Martin Shervington

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Virtual Reality and the Future of Privacy

By Martin Shervington | privacy, virtual reality
Have you tried virtual reality yet? Well, if you haven't then you cannot imagine 'how real' it may be.
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How to remarket to your YouTube audience

By Martin Shervington | google adwords, Google Adwords, Youtube, youtube remarketing
If you want to dive in deeper to Adwords, then check out my Google Adwords Course from LinkedIn's Lynda.com here.
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How many people searched for Best Restaurants in San Francisco last month

How many people searched for 'Best Restaurants in San Francisco' last month?

By Martin Shervington | Case Studies, best restaurants, restaurants, san francisco, search
22,200 people searched for Best Restaurants in San Francisco last month. And 14,800 searched for San Francisco Restaurants last month.
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Want an insight into Facebook's Algorithm?

By Martin Shervington | Digital Marketing, facebook, facebook marketing
The secret of Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm A couple of years back I was sat on a plane, heading back from San Francisco to London. Next to me was a friendly engineer from Facebook. We chatted for a while and maybe had a drink or two, I don’t recall the details. What I do recall was how they gave me a useful piece of information that I have not told anyone about, and that is what I want to give you now.
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How to use Slack for community building

How to use Slack for community building

By Martin Shervington | Community, community building, Featured Posts, slack
How to Build a Community using Slack In my recent quick guide to community building I mention how we are now using Slack to build communities, even though it is very much a ‘team tool’.
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