Virtual Reality is the next platform. Live Streaming is happening now.
When you combine the two you will find unimaginable magic will happen. The film makers and storytellers of the future will learn all the tricks of the trade quickly, and invent new ones.
The 4th wall is a traditional 'trick', and even though it is more for narratives like in a movie, it is a great analogy for us to consider how new tech creates new opportunities to tell better stories.

What is the 4th wall?

It was first film industry buff and marketer George Sepich who raised my awareness about this particular topic.

We saw it frequently in House of Cards:

And then there was Deadpool:

It even mentions how it breaks the 4th wall, pushing the concept into our minds with solid examples.

The 4th wall is "us". It is the viewpoint of those that can see and are not involved in the narrative.

We are called out as observers, and somewhat ironically this 'peeling back' (see what I did there?) brings us closer.
From the work we have done with filming for Virtual Reality, I have every certainty the camera’s viewpoint will be the friends of the "cast members".
The camera is you and I watching in the scene, but being taken on a journey by the actors.

Live Streaming and Virtual Reality

So, how does this relate to the 4th wall?
Well, with live streaming you so often bring the audience into the storyline. It has proven to be an intimate experience for people on Facebook Live and Periscope.

You can read comments and respond - making it even more 'about them', after all most people love to hear their names on shows. This is not about being a passive observer, but you is not 'the star of the show' either.

And keeping it brief, know this...Facebook Live Streaming is taking off.

Plus YouTube Live Streaming with the added dimension of 360/Virtual Reality is both available now, and is going to be 'a next big thing'.

If you want to be pioneer then look at Virtual Reality filming. Here are some tips to get you started.

Why should brands care?

Brands are seeking to connect with people. This approach helps you to connect in an intense fashion, especially when you are not expecting it.

Here are a few tips for brands looking to leverage this approach:

1. Do some test runs.
Live events are a little more complex than "straight videos". As such, you will want to know the tech before pushing it out to the masses.

2. Start small.
If you are not used to live videos, look at recordings using one camera before shifting up a gear (see below).

3. Use a decent microphone.
Good quality sound makes all the difference.

If you want to know more on the kit you should use, then contact Travis Taylor or Ryan Steinolfson here.

4. Facebook Live is taking off with Brands now.
It's in its early days but as we all know in social media, you can win a lot of attention if you get in before the masses.

5. Look at a quality recording studio set-up, but also look at running live events so you can include the audience in the show.
Like this one:

David and Luria make it such fun to do live video. You can contact them here.

6. Win with ‘new’.
Myself and Mike Stelzner from both bet this would be the first year for mainstream 360 live streaming.

This is me talking with Mike about Social and VR, in 360:

Right now this looks the best option to run with for Live Streaming in 360 if ALLie  - YouTube 360!
Facebook won't be long to follow suit.
And the Livit App is already out, which you can stream to via a Fly360.

With 360 you will be able to win attention from the novelty seekers for sure.

7. Tell the story offline too.
As a pilot project, I am consulting one of the most successful bars in Bath (England) right now, and their eyes lit up when I gave them the vision for live streamed events in bars.
Why? Well, it is not just about the experience, but about the story we can tell to the local press as well. Putting places on the map with the latest tech is always a story worth telling.

This is still very early days, but this whole field is going to explode. And that gives you an opportunity to ride the wave if you are ready.
Want to discuss? Get in contact with me here.