Creating a trend that emerges into Google+'s trending topic most weeks is something that takes a little effort, but can be fun and bring a tribe together every week.

The background

I've written up the background on my blog before, so this post will cover different aspects, and give you some tips along the way!

A winner

Being transparent about this, the main success here was attaching a day of the week to a well existing 'thing' i.e. Star Wars.
As such, I must say that starting one of these from scratch and sustaining it is more impressive; we did this in the early days with several weekly tags, but the energy was not sustained for more than a few weeks.

The intent of this quick case study is simply to show you a few of the elements, and to sow the seed you may like to try it out for yourself too.

The business aspects

I saw Gary V answer a question re: owning a hashtag, and the fact is (as he says), you cannot own one.
As soon as it is created, it is free for all to use. You can, however, be the first to use one and tell that as a story.

If you sustain a weekly trend that has your business at the centre, or a community, then that may well be a very useful thing.

Why trending matters

When a trend if created, it is shown to people on Google+ in several places including when people are browsing on their mobile.

As such, in just one click people can enter the stream of the trending topic and engage on that content.
In other words, this is taking hashtags to another level!
(Amy Harrison, I included that bit just for you...)

Creating a Page specifically to support the trending tag

Here is the Star Wars Tuesday page here which has sporadic posting, but is now a lot prettier on the eye...

NOTE: I've been trying through Behance to contact Felipe to check it is ok to use the images, but to no avail.
So if you are reading this Felipe, please let me know if you are not ok with the image use in telling the story please!

And to this license:

Ok, back to it now...

Creating a notification circle

In order to get the trend off the ground in the early days, I asked people if they would like to opt in to a notification circle.
This works very well, and I think is an essential component.

Full instructions on that here.

Weekly posting

Last week I posted a gif from my profile, and then a video from the Star Wars Tuesday page within an hour.
As you can see below, the hashtag trended, which tends to encourage more people to hop on to the trend.

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 3.29.56 PM

Sharing into Communities

I have experimented with posting into Star Wars communities and as long as the content is 'good' then the posts will tend to fly.
And what you find with Star Wars, just about anything is 'good' to a fan!

Seeding the thought

One lesser known tip is seeding the thought that it will be 'Star Wars Tuesday' the day before, or even on Hangout on Air interviews around the time.

Such things set up the idea in people's minds that can then be reinforced with a reminder in a 'morning post', even without a full Star Wars post - but this will really depend on your personal network and how ready people are to 'pew pew'...

All in all

For the full background on the story, the choice of the day, and the sheer effort for weeks to get it going, then check here!

But know as always, it is really all just a fun experiment around the things we love to talk about generally.
For me, when I do stand up there are a few Star Wars gags that tend to sneak on in, but that is another story...