If you are a business then you will want to 'get on Google' as such, we have pulled together just about everything you'll need to know in one handy place!

Why 'get on Google'?

As you can see from the tour below, Google will help your business go even further.
Put simply you will be able to:


  • Help customers find you more easily
  • Make you more accessible from mobile devices
  • Build up customer reviews (if have a 'local' type business)
  •  Use Google Hangouts (free video calls)
  •  Build even better relationships with both potential customers and existing ones too,
  •  And much more!


So, all in all, this is going to be a way for you to better market yourself. Sound like a plan? Well, let's get started...

A Complete Video Guide to setting up your Google Page

By visiting Google My Business you can get started, but do check out the video below as you will be guided every step the way, with loads of hints and tips too.

Google Insights for Pages

As you can see from the gif below, you will be able get real insight into who is looking at your Page, and the actions they are taking on your content...

Insights will help you run your business better including:

  • Seeing how many followers you have (you can interact with them, one person at a time)
  • The split between male/female/other (this is accessible once you have 200 followers)
  • Your reviews, and you can respond directly to people (this is for a Local type page)
  • Total views of your content
  • Engagement on posts, and which type of content gets the most engagement


As you can see below, you can also see the average actions per post, and the types of post which get the most engagement - in this case, this is photos!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 8.56.25 AM

How to use Google for Marketing (taking it further)

Once you are set up on Google, you may well want some guidance on how to use it to really help your marketing skyrocket.
As such, we have a stunning infographic that will help guide you on Google+. Just click!

And sign up for our Quickstarter Guide when you are ready to take it further!

You will find free courses on Google and Google+ for your business, this is a great DIY package.

Want some help?

Well we are here to help you 'get Google'!
Just get in touch and ask how we can help you and your business here.