Content Creation Tools


The tools I use to create my content.

I thought I would give you a list of my daily tools...
(none of the links are affiliate links, btw)

To create Videos:
Aside from Hangouts-on-air or Skype calls, I use Camtasia from Techsmith to record my instructional videos.

To create Images:
I now use Snagit from Techsmith.
Techsmith products are available for PC and Mac.
This I use 10 times a day. Highly recommended.

I use a MacBook Air - got a new one last year. Very happy.
It has only crashed once in the time, when I was writing up my notes about Elon Musk and the Simultiverse.
(gremlins in the system...)

Samsung S6 - great camera - not great battery life.

Virtual Reality Headset:
Samsung Gear VR

I write article in this space, it is not just for games, honest.

What I use for Audio:

I use a Snowball from Blue.

Animated gifs:

This is what I use.
Thanks to CircleCount for putting me onto this one many years ago.

How I create animated gifs from YouTube videos:

This is an AWESOME tool.
(and super simple to use)

For creating images:

I use - you can share links with team members and work on projects together. REALLY good.

Where I buy my images:
I tend to use Shutterstock and took up the 7 day trial  from Big Stock Photo (I cancelled before I was billed anything but like their stock and navigation).
Here is the reason why I buy my images:

Video 'bumpers':
My intros and outros to my videos have been created by David Stickney and Daniel Futurman, who will never let me pay for anything despite my best efforts!

Document creation and collaboration:
Google Drive of course! This has transformed how I work, especially on collaborative projects.

Note taking:
I now use Google Keep for any spurious ideas I have.

We run our business 'Command Centre' in Slack, as well as running communities there too. A super tool.

There we go!
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