Google+ is different.

It has given so many of us to find out place in an online world more than ever before. But the biggest difference is the felt experience of community we have every day.
It also allows our content to reach people who care about it.

If content is king then community is its kingdom; and Google+ has enabled the King to expand its reach and grow its Kingdom.

Content is King

We've heard this for many years now, but using the tools Google has given us, we have been able to connect and reach like never before.

First we have Google Drive, which transforms working in teams…

Then we collaborative working is made easy using Google Drive and Hangouts…

Also, due to the reach of the Google+ eco-system, we can embed videos on our websites based on our setting within a YouTube channel.

Then there is the community itself….

Community is Kingdom

Without community your content would not be experienced in the way , and you would be a lone voice without any engagement.

Google has given us ‘Communities’ as a way of bringing people together, and just as with the Plus Your Business community, you can really support and enable the members.

Build a community around you that loves what you do, build trust and over time you will gain a reputation in your subject areas, leading to you becoming an authority.

In other words, the community gives you Search results based upon trust, reputation and authority building.

And it is ‘authorities’ whose content steps beyond the Kingdom, reaching outward into Google Search where it will find new subjects willing to engage and connect with it, and with you.

This is why it is your King, your content, that truly enables your Kingdom to grow.

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