For quite some time we at PYB have been thinking about Google Search. But you may not realize quite how different the future may be...

Vic Gundotra has told us consistently that they are going more and more in the direction of mobile. This means that in the future we will be using keyboards far less, and looking back that tippy tapping on the keyboard will be rather quaint.

Take a quick look at this Star Trek clip and you will may start to see why:

So, voice will be all the rage. And with devices such as the MotoX, which are always on and ready to go, you will simply have to ask and you will receive the information.

But what will this mean for you as a business?

Well, one of the things is how you will have to start thinking in 'questions'. This may not seem obvious, but I want you to do a test with me right now. Just sit back and ask your computer for something... Apart from direct commands such as "get me information on..." you probably asked a question such as "what is the weather going to be like today? What was Daria Musk's last song? Or even how much is Google's stock price".

All about questions...

The reason you asked a question is because we often ask questions when we want to know information. With the old Search we have been trained to think in terms of keywords, not questions. And so have our customers. This is all going to change as Google Semantic Search really starts to transform Search, and how our context (e.g. location, Search history, age etc) and our device deliver the right result for us at that particular time. Relating to Google's Knowledge Graph too, you will be able to follow up with questions after your initial question - and as such, you want to have that depth/levels of questioning all available.

With accurate voice controlled search we will be looking at a future of Q&A with Google. Yes, very much like the computer in Star Trek.

So, what should you do?

The main thing as a business is to think about this: answer people's questions. Meaning, be the answer to people's questions.

As people start using mobile more and more, this will make a huge difference.
So if you haven't a) got your website to display well on a mobile, and b) had a strategy meeting on how you need to transform your approach to content on your site, then you will want to get moving on it soon. We may not be fully 'voice activating' yet, but this is the way Google is moving so it may be an idea to be ahead of the curve.
And let's face it, it will be a lot better that Siri here:

Much more on this from the PYB team over the coming weeks...

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