If you have a Local type business listed on sites such as Yelp, Tripadvisor or Google Maps then you are likely at some point to have to deal with getting a bad review.

And they may cost your business a small fortune - as this article shows - £30,000 a year.
(courtesy of Malcolm Maybury, one of our PYB Local Consultants)

Here are a few suggestions to help, based on suggestions from PYB team member and Local expert Priya Chandra:

  1. Respond to all reviews - good and bad.  People have taken the time to review you, take the time to say thank you.
  2. You want to reply to the review professionally and to the point.
    If things look like they're heating up take the discussion offline (provide an email address for them to contact you for more detailed conversation). More from Priya here.
  3. Promote good reviews on the Google+ Page and then embed that post into the testimonials section of your website (if you have one).
  4. Remember that people don't believe that a business will have 100% positive reviews as well! Negative reviews are expected and Google will actually factor that possibility into their calculations (which is how a business with 100% positive reviews can have an overall rating of <5 stars). More info on calculations here. And more info on negative reviews effect on business here.
  5. All review sites offer ways to flag reviews that break their Terms of Service but won't remove a review simply for being negative.

Note: Yelp won't let you ask for reviews but you can advertise that you're on Yelp in your business - and ask people to check-in via Yelp, and when they do that they'll be asked to review the business.
Google allows you to ask for reviews but not to offer any incentives.

Tripadvisor seem happy for you to ask too.


My best advice is this: build up a ‘warchest of positive reviews’ so that you won’t get hit too hard when one or two bad ones hit, and they will. Think about 20 four and five stars to every one star you may receive.
And note, you cannot ask for Yelp reviews directly but with Google you can. And Google owns Search...

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