Could you earn additional income of £12,000 to £15,000 (that is around) $15,000-$20,000 just by having a Google Business Page?

Here is a quick story from Paul Evans, who has roaring success in his first week.

And yes, we are being a little 'sensationalist' but I think you'll see how important it could be for Local type businesses...

From Paul:

"I recently set up a business page for my barbershop, by the way it took over 3 weeks to get a Google code for verification. Anyway, Since verification, in the first week I gained at least 4 new customers. It might not seem a lot, but each guy on average has his haircut every 5 weeks. That's roughly 10 visits a year per guy. Now you can do the math on possible income generated if we at the barbershop have done our job right.

I put in place a measuring device to see if any business would be generated by a G+ page and verification of that page. What I did was put my personal mobile number as the contact number on the business page. That is how I measured the 1st weeks impact of a page on Google plus. My personal number isn't available or connected to my business in any way. Therefore every enquiry / booking via my mobile came from a Google search. Another point I should reveal is that I don't have an actual website.

Finally, I love reading your posts and tips but would love it if some of you and your colleagues knowledge could be more applied to shop front businesses and not just the internet marketing sector." The Barbers of Warwick

And now we have! Thanks Paul. Great story for the community.