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Visuals in Landing Pages: A Conversion Improving Tactic

For someone visiting your website, all the pages are web pages but for a marketer, the pages can be divided into Homepage, Product/Service pages, and most important pages of a website i.e. Landing Pages. Homepage is the face of a brand, meant to introduce the brand to your visitor. Landing pages are the business aspect of your brand; people landing here are aware of your brand and are ready to...

SEO Strategy Implementation Ideas

Innovative and high-tech strategies have transpired as the most enhanced business solutions that we have witnessed today. Understanding the ways to let yourself out of dystopia requires you to have a highly intellectual and creative mindset. After following the need for bringing the change in the business strategies and its related areas, SEO marketing automation can be regarded as the most...

9 Ways HubSpot Is Helping You Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaign

HubSpot is the developer of one of the most popular online marketing platforms available — and for good reason. The company is constantly creating a variety of tools, templates and resources that can make it more effective. There are so many different tools and features available that you may not be aware of all the resources at your disposal — even if you're a HubSpot veteran.

Introduction: What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a centralised platform that puts customers at the centre of your business.With over 200 integrations, it allows for data to be brought ‘into one place’ – so you can make better decisions on how to support their customer journey. Once you’ve made the decisions, let the system do all the hard work – everything from automating ‘goal based workflows’ through to lead notifications when they...