Georgi Koprivarov is one of the youngest Google+ Enthusiasts in the PYB Academy. A Bachelor of Business Administration, Georgi is currently working in the domains of Content Marketing, SEO and SMO. Georgi also helps the PYB team with the Weekly Roundup of  Plus Your Business! Community. In his spare time he likes to relax with football, snowboard, and computer games.
Meet Georgi!

What brought you on G+ and what was your first post on Google?

Well a friend who deleted his FB moved to G+. I like communicating with him and discussing  on the web. I liked the platform. I think my first post was about the “Next big thing” commercial and was shared exactly with this friend.

What on- or offline world experience has most influenced your time on G+?

I was impressed by the PYB Community. First I made a community about extreme sports and it was without no reason. When I started interacting with the people from PYB team, I found G+ a lot more attractive and useful. About offline experience … I don’t know maybe snowboarding.

What’s the thing that made your life on G+ easier?

Again this was the PYB Team. People here are very kind and helpful. I usually spend a lot of time searching on the web for solving and issue. Here you can just ask and surely you will get a good understandable explanation.

What would your advice be to newbies here?

Be patient. I love the quote: “G+ is not a sprint, it’s a marathon”. I will tell them to pick wisely their audience and the people they interact with. The most important thing on G+ is to find the right people for your goals.

How many people do you have in the circles for which you’ve turned notifications on?

About 10.

What’s your favourite G+ feature?

This is a hard question. Everything is very useful and interesting. I think most valuable are circles.

What has being part of the PYB Academy done for you?

Well I met awesome people here. This is the most important thing for sure. Now I know so much more about this platform and how it works. The knowledge form PYB made me confident.

Georgi Koprivarov quoteHow did G+changed your professional life?

So far I can’t say it changed my professional life. I hope I will be able to use the things I’ve learned here in the future and I will combine my work with G+.

What was the thing you always wanted to know about G+ but were afraid to ask?

Is this some master plan for overtaking the world?

What’s your master plan for overtaking the world, Georgi and does it have to do with the little information you tend to share about yourself :)?

We live in the information era and it's praiseworthy that I'm not so exposed (just joking). When I'm asked I don't hide anything about myself, but I'm not the kind of guy that will shout out loud personal stuff.

About the masterplan.... hmm. If I tell you this it won't be a plan anymore. (This thing with the plan is from one of my favorite TV shows when I was a kid: "Pinky and the Brain" and each episode began with: What are we going to do tonight Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!

In his interview Greg Cooper asked:

Who would you most like to circle you back?

I'm not sure Richard Branson or Shaun White

And now, it’s your turn to ask the next PYB Academy member a question:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when G+ is mentioned?

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Thank you Georgi!

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