It’s all about love is what Pepper Oldziey begins the About section of her website with. It’s all about emotion, continues Pepper, the feelings you have when you see the page, hold the book, glimpse the poster, or land on the website.

When I think about Pepper the first thought that comes in my mind is: I simply love the purple design of Peppergraphics Design Studio. And the second thought is more of a feeling: it's the joy and curiosity with which I  followed Pepper's articles, based on David Amerland’s book Google Semantic Search, among which: Is Your Website a Secret Island?Build a Business Dream Team on Google PlusYou are an ENTITY not a KEYWORD.

Pepper Oldziey is a graphic and web designer. Currently she works as a Web Presence Strategist at Divers Alert Network. On Google+ you will see her posting and engaging about design, photography, creativity, Google+ tips and helpful ideas, and ideas for using it effectively to connect people.

Meet Pepper!

What brought you on G+ and what was your first post on Google?

Mark Traphagen in person here in the Raleigh SEO meetup and his monthly sharing of his experiences in person with me after the meetup talks - his joy of discovery was infectious - summer fall 2012

What on- or offline world experience has most influenced your time on G+?

As a gift to Mark Traphagen Vic Gundotra sent Gopi Kallayil to speak here in Raleigh on Google Plus as our keynote speaker at the DMFB (Digital Marketing For Business) conference. His talk opened with asking my name as I sat in the front row. He then directed each statement he made about Google Plus to me personally by name for a presentation that featured hangouts with the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela. It was electric in the way it affected me was as if I was being personally directed to the system which would revolutionize and give us new world communication - by name. I can’t fight a directive like that and from that day forward April 16, 2013 I was electrified and moved to pursue this daily as the next passion of my life. Ok so you may say this is a pretty wild reaction to a conference talk. I did not see it that way - it changed my life - I pivoted on the spot. I was not to be the same ever again. I knew what I had to become passionately driven to understand.

What’s the thing that made your life on G+ easier?

Personal guidance and training from Mark Traphagen - he soon began trying to give formal trainings and I was the first person to sign up for the first training. I have literally followed him to every conference I could (until they got too far away for me). He also gave me the guidance to read a very special book “Google Semantic Search” by David Amerland. And that book answered my questions and has guided my life’s work since.

What would your advice be to newbies here?

See this as the potential for your career future. Read, post, try everything you can. Adjust your vision of the future to this potential world communication as reality.

How many people do you have in the circles for which you’ve turned notifications on?

I’m not sure now, but for a while it was about 20 people for whom I wanted to study every post - Martin - Mark - David Amerland - Jesse Wojdylo my other first in person local guide (until he went from 10,000 to 500,000 plus followers)  . . . and a few others,  until there were some 75 posts daily from these few people and I had to stop that and branch out. Now maybe a hundred or so now, a limited group, and the rest of my circles are more, standard, less and the rest are off so I can visit them separately.

What’s your favourite G+ feature?

The beautiful photos and the Apple apps as I am 98% of the time on phone app.

What has being part of the PYB Academy done for you?

Clarity and confidence. I get this. It makes sense. I understand the logic. It is approachable. I can do this.

How did G+ changed your professional life?

Completely. After 44 years of design, print and web, and 10 years of web coding and featuring clean code for SEO for my clients, I understand now from David Amerland how it all really works with Semantic Search. Now through Martin and PYB I understand how we are here to build relationships and not sell stuff - so that the most important and the most fun thing to do is focus on building friendships and create working relationships with others here as we travel the journey together. My professional life has always been guiding people, friends, clients and training people. This is all I want to do here.

What was the thing you always wanted to know about G+ but were afraid to ask?

Martin Shervington and Mark Traphagen and Ronnie Bincer have really answered everything I wanted to know and more.

Pepper, as far as I remember, in the 70s you’ve been working on a robotic hand. Would you please share a bit more about the future that you’ve imagined back then.

At Carnegie-Mellon I was working on the first “greyscale” image recognition software. Others worked on the robotic hand. I have been driven by the future for decades. Almost anything is possible. We just need to be guided by our Creator to invent it. Listen . . . you can hear it calling you.

In the previous PYB Featured Member interview Georgi Koprivarov asked:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when G+ is mentioned?

This I want to answer: David Amerland and our semantic search engine Hummingbird and all my fascinating friendships here.

And what would you like to ask the next PYB Academy member?

Do you feel that cosmic force pulling you into this whirlwind of relationships here that is driving you with so much excitement you can no longer stay away? Does your hand keep reaching for your phone to find out what is new every moment of the day? Do you feel the family here like I do?

 Pepper on the Web:

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Thank you Pepper!

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