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And here is an additional tip to make sure you are ready to re-connect with the people who love you the most on YouTube!

To start:

If you have uploaded videos to YouTube, or down Hangouts-on-Air/Live events that are getting views, make sure you’ve started to build a list in Adwords for this audience.

People who are engaging through:

  • Subscribing
  • Commenting
  • Sharing
  • Liking video
  • And more

These are people engaging and you want to make sure you get their attention with your future offering, using Remarketing.

If you don’t start now you will only be able to ‘go back’ 30 days of activity to build the list.
But if you start now you could build it for up to 540 days, and keep it active too (i.e. new people added as you go).

This is how you get set up. And don’t worry, you won’t need to spend anything in Adwords - just build the list, ready to go.

To do this:

Go to Shared Library on the left hand side, and then choose ‘audiences’:

How to remarket to your youtube audience 1

Then click the Remarketing button, and choose ‘YouTube users’ from the dropdown:

How to remarket to your youtube audience 2

From there you will be given the option to create a list based on actions as follows:

How to remarket to your youtube audience 3

Then fill in the name and the duration:

How to remarket to your youtube audience 4

Then it will be added to your Remarketing lists:

How to remarket to your youtube audience 5

If you click into that list, you will be able to gain insights.

YouTube audiences are often highly engaged with your content, so this gives you an opportunity to build the relationship much deeper through targeted Adwords spend.

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