I’ve spent over two months out 'in the field', in Northern California and have learned so much about people’s perceptions of what is happening online. And I’ve found so many people don’t realise how fast the rate of change is happening, and how incredible Google has become as a way for businesses to improve their results.

And the biggest thing I learned is the importance of REVIEWS - so there will be loads of small business marketing tips around this area.

As such, I've been creating a load of quality content that will help small businesses thrive, including...

New Blog Posts to be released as part of the ‘We dig' summer campaign:

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  1. Local Business Marketing in 2020
  2. Introduction: How does Google Adwords work?
  3. How to show the world people love your products and services, using Google My Business
  4. The importance of Local Business Reviews!
  5. How to deal with bad reviews
  6. Why every local business should be using Adwords Express
  7. How to see ‘social extensions’ in your Google ads
  8. How much is a positive review worth?
  9. How Does Google Adwords Remarketing Work?
  10. Reviews, social risk and market potential
  11. Google Reviews, ‘reputation management’ and getting more customers.
  12. Which of these business listings would you rather own in Google Search?
  13. Local meets Mobile! (Google video and transcript)
  14. What are micro-moments? And why do brands need to start paying close attention to them.
  15. How to help people tell better stories, with Google+
  16. Could having Google reviews double your business?

Case studies:

  1. How important are reviews for Small Business Marketing success? (case study)
  2. What can we all learn from Philz Coffee?
  3. How David’s Tea is using reviews to improve customer service
  4. How Trader Joe’s bring ‘play’ back in their stores!
  5. The Uber review system explained and explored!
  6. What GoPro could learn about Reputation Management and Reviews.
  7. How much do bad reviews affect people’s behaviors? (Vista Print case study)
  8. Marketing for Bars to Barbershops
  9. Marketing for Thai Food restaurants and Tattoo Parlors
  10. What could GoPro learn about online reviews? (Talkwalker case study)

And as you can see, Plus Your Business has been supporting individuals and small businesses to learn the Google eco-system for years now, including...

Collaborative working and the Cloud

What is Google Drive? - a complete user guide.

Guide to Collaborative Working using Google Software Tools

Google Adwords

This category is going to fill out fast!

Google Hangouts

Complete Guide to Google Hangouts

How to make a custom lower third for a Google Hangout

Google My Business

How many businesses in your area are on Google Maps?

A ‘Small Business’ guide to using Google Plus

Localize – how to get yourself on the Map with Google

Optimize – helping people find your Google+ Page

Socialize – adding and engaging with people from your area

Google Pages for Businesses who ‘deliver as well’

Want to add in a delivery radius to a ‘Storefront’ Business?

What pages are not eligible to be Google Local Pages?

What do you need to claim a custom URL on YouTube?

How to find the URL for a Business Listing on Google Maps

How to find the embed code for a Business Listing on Google Maps

What if you have an issue with ‘Google Local’ listing?

Can you change a Google Local Page to a Brand Page, or vice versa?

How to have a ‘Local Reviews Box’ as a landing page

How to Get the Reviews that will Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Using Google Maps to help your Real Estate Business

How to create a custom ‘Google Map’

Case Study: How to put a village on the map!

Is ‘Google My Business’ good for business?

Google Search Case Study - Holiday Property Owners

Virtual Assistants, using Google products

How to work with a virtual assistant using Google Communities and Google Drive

How to create a virtual work space using Google Hangouts

Social SEO and SEO

Social SEO plugin for WordPress

How to use Google+ for Social SEO (Level 3)

Google Plus and Social SEO Facts and Evidence

Your First 9 SEO Tasks

The process of trust-reputation-authority

Guide to Social SEO

Google Business View

Google Business View - Sage Group HQ

Google My Business Guide to Picture Management

Android TV

Android TV for Business

Android TV and viewing behaviour

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