If you are on Google+ you are most probably very aware of being Social. But what do you want to get out of your activity? Well, in this quick post I want to get you focused on what you can achieve...


I think of this as having several levels...

Level 1

On Google+ you can build up 'touch points' over and over. Every +1, comment and share starts to build up touchpoints, connecting. This in turn leads to people 'knowing who you are' - this gives brand recognition. And when the time comes for someone to make a purchase decision, you are the one who comes to mind.

Level 2

With social you can convert attention into clicks. Recently this came in from a client: "Two more conversions yesterday! We've only had 68 click throughs in the last 30 days but with a 7% conversion rate. Unreal! Looks like Google+ might be the ticket!" This was just from a selection of well crafted posts using a Plus Your Business system. Now, you may think that 4 people converting to business is not that WOW, but this was a secondary benefit build into our work as it was really about 'Search' and 'Level 1 of Social', and the ticket value was darn good to. Also, we are running spreadsheets on the entire process to show that the methodology works over time.

Level 3

This is all about relationships and building a network and a community around you, that loves what you do, which in turn leads to amplification of your key messages.


Using Google+ you can build a following of relevant engagers who will amplify your message into Google Search. Whether is it personalized results, or global, this is SERIOUSLY powerful for both content and product pages. You know we talk about this area A LOT so you can check out more on using Google+ for Social Seo here.

I really must emphasis this - the Google+ community, your connections, will give you Search results. They are the ones who will make you an authority and who tell the world 'your content rocks'. Social and Search are now working hand-in-hand.


So, here is the third aspect of the triangle, the site itself. It is all well and good having great Search results, and an amazing social presence but if your site is converting people to business you may well be on a long term brand building exercise. This has its place but many people want results NOW. As such, think in terms of 'Site' enabling your social and search presence to turn into fruit. If your site is not converting then you may like to consider a revamp. Think about your business outcomes - sales, leads.

Also, on your site, makes sure you add the social sharing buttons - make it easy for people to share your content, flowing it back from search into social. Think of the main networks for your business, but Google+, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are probably a must!

Working social-search-site together

With Google+ you will be able to flow information from your site, have the community engage with your incredible content, and this will give the signals to Google Search that your content would be great for other people to see in the future.
So much of what you want for your business can be achieved when you build your Google+ presence and community - it really will help you build up trust, reputation and authority. In turn you will be able to transform you business, enabling more of the right people to visit your website and engage with your brand at every step of the way.


Think Social-Search-Site and flow content in a way that enable people to fall in love with you and your brand. It does need to be approached from a strategic viewpoint though, and many people tend to look at each element independently. Don't. Think about the information flowing through each of the areas, and reinforcing its relevance along the way.
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