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Google Plus Marketing Case Study Teaser

By Martin Shervington | Case Studies, content marketing, google plus, seo, Google SEO, Social SEO, social seo case study
This post is a 'teaser' for a full report on the visitor levels for PYB related content, as we want to show you want can be achieved using content marketing and Google+
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Case Study: Camfed fundraising campaign

By Martin Shervington | camfed, Case Studies, casestudy, google plus
As a member of the Google Advocates group, back in 2013 I was asked to become part of a fundraising campaign for women's education in Africa. As such, I decided to run the campaign briefly outlined below. Here are a few kind words about the approach we took...
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The facts and reasons why 'Huffington Post' is awesome Google+

By Martin Shervington | Case Studies, good brand pages, google plus, huffington post
As many of you know, I am keen to give people hints and tips on how to grow their business using Google+
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Case Study: Rubik Tuesday – Data Mining, Tracking and Insights using Social Network Analysis

By Lee Smallwood | Case Studies, google plus, rubiktuesday, SNA, Social Media Marketing, #googleplusforbusiness
#RubikTuesday was the second fun viral campaign organized by +Plus Your Business that ran on 28th March 2014 (the 40th anniversary of the Rubik Cubes invention by +Erno Rubik.
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Casestudy: We're going on a Canva Quest

By Martin Shervington | canva, Case Studies, Google+ Case Studies, google plus
This blog post will become a full case study soon, but in the meantime, this is what you did:
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Google Plus: Transparency, Disclosure, and Social Play

By Martin Shervington | Case Studies, disclosure, google plus, transparency, trust
As some of you may know, I regularly ask people whether they would like to 'opt in' to a circle on Google+.  As some people may wonder what the heck that quirky Brit is up to, I thought I would explain very openly how it all works. Note: I have gone into detail on the process of a campaign here, for total transparency.
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