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Market to an existing email list using Adwords

By Martin Shervington | google+, Google Adwords, google plus, adwords, audienceinsights, googleadwords


If you've been building your email list, you may well like this new development for Adwords.
In essence, any time someone has used the same email to log into their Google account it will match, and ads can be shown to them across Google's network e.g. in Gmail or YouTube.

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Why Google+ may deliver the best economic punch on the web

By Mark Schaefer | content marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, google+, google plus

Much has been written about the business benefits of an engaged presence on Google+.  And while most of this discussion has been centered on the undeniable business benefits of connecting the dots with Google in a way that ultimately benefits search, today I’m going to propose an alternate and powerful view you might have overlooked.

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The Art of Managing a Google+ Brand Page

By Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales | google+, google+ page management, google plus, google plus page management, google plus pages, Useful Tips

I'm just going to be up front with all of you: Managing a page on Google+ is both an art and a skill that takes a lot of time and a lot of energy. It’s not about simply broadcasting a message and then going about your day as planned. No. Google+ page management is about engagement, finding those who appreciate your content and interacting with them regularly. People love following and interacting with other people and many times are willing to take a chance on a person just to see if they drum up some interesting content. Pages are not so lucky.

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How to reach more people with your Google+ content

By Martin Shervington | google+, Google Display Network, google plus, plus post ads, #google+for business

The post on Google + Pages now can be promoted on Google's Display Network with only few click. Here's a gif that shows you how to do that.

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