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Google Drive App Video Tutorial

By Martin Shervington | Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Google Drive

Here is the next video exploring Google's range of mobile applications. Perhaps more than any other, Drive illustrates the success Google have had in creating a truly mobile-centric, yet interconnected version of the desktop service.

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How to work with a virtual assistant using Google+ Communities and Google Drive

By Martin Shervington | Google Drive, google plus, virtual assistant, virtual working

If you are looking to delegate work, then set up a private community for you and your virtual assistant. And include any other people who may require access but ask them to 'turn off notifications'. (this means you can call them into the threads).

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What is Google Drive? - a complete user guide.

By Martin Shervington | Google Drive, #googledrive, #usinggoogledrive

What is Google Drive?

In this module you will have a complete overview of ‘Google Drive’.

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