I bet you are wondering what kind of KraftyCooking you can do when running a cooking show or demonstration using Google Plus Hangouts?

Well, it takes some imagination and some extra effort to pull off an engaging and helpful live show, but these 5 chefs have done just that… so we label them all as Krafty Chefs.

Each of the Chefs interviewed are very familiar with the cooking show concept and have made them work in one way or another with Google’s Hangouts or Hangouts on Air broadcasting tool.

I utilized the Private HOA option to reach out and interview all five Chefs. I asked them all similar questions to start out regarding how their KraftyCooking efforts worked out, and then we let the questions/comments fly on their own.

Each of the interviews are between 12 and 15 minutes long.
So, why not check out your favorite chef first? And then check the rest! You will enjoying meeting them and hearing their different foody perspectives on it all.

Here you go…

Chef Dennis Littley

"My name is Dennis Littley or "Chef Dennis" as I'm known both at work and across the blogsphere,  I am an Executive Chef, Culinary Instructor, Recipe Developer and most recently an Award Winning Food Blogger and Photographer."

Jake Croston…

"I am an Online Culinary Instructor for Chefhangout.com, a professional chef of 15 years, a cookbook author, and I have a catering business."

Larry Fournillier…

"I'm extremely easy-going and have an insatiable appetite for knowledge.  I also have a burning passion for cooking and because of it, I currently own and operate a small private catering business - Island Cuisine."

Giselle Achecar…

"I'm a foodie, plain and simple. I love to cook; I love to eat; I love to watch people eat what I cook. I believe sustainably produced food and wine taste better and are healthier for people and planet. I'm also a writer, entrepreneur, tree-hugger and 24/7 Mom. I believe happy people don't want to blow up the planet; they want to save it."

Jenni Field…

"After teaching special ed for many years, I decided to follow my passion. This took me to culinary school, into fine dining pastry development and production, and finally to my computer where I now combine teaching with pastry/baking through my site and blog, YouTube channel and most recently in G+ Hangouts on Air."

Each of the Chefs that were interviewed one-on-one will be joining into a group discussion via a Hangout on Air Event on the 8th of January 2014. Click here for #KraftyCooking Five Chefs’ Stories Live and Uncensored Event.

The live event will have the Chef panel reunion where they all share some behind the scenes secrets as well as discuss the various cooking memory dishes that they and others have featured in the #KraftyCooking campaign.
If you can’t join us live, please visit the event page to find the recording of the show.

Would you like it all in one place?

Well, just click for the YouTube Playlist that containing all 5 interviews!