This is a post by Charles Cherney that came from a comment on one of my posts about creating maps!
Here is the story for you all...(and great to see this application - thanks Charles)


How did it all start? - I read a post by Martin Shervington about Google’s My Maps and it got me thinking about creating a custom map via Google’s My Maps for Cambridge, Massachusetts that would make known the thirteen named neighborhoods and five squares of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I am a top Realtor in Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts. On my websites I have neighborhood maps of Cambridge and Somerville and visitors there can click on any neighborhood in either town to learn more about the neighborhood.

The city of Cambridge has published on its website the boundary lines for the neighborhoods of Cambridge.  Visitors to my websites like my Cambridge neighborhood map but some visitors have requested a map of Cambridge showing all the street names. Hence my idea to make a custom map of Cambridge via Google’s My Maps. (The boundary lines for the neighborhoods of Somerville are not as clearly agreed upon and the city of Somerville has not put out maps like the city of Cambridge has, so I thought I would focus on Cambridge for now.)

To make it easy for visitors to find my Google neighborhood map of Cambridge, MA, I have linked it to

As it happens, I have created slide-show videos (with Animoto) of all the neighborhoods of Cambridge, MA featuring my own photos, so on my Cambridge MA map I have posted a link on each neighborhood or square to a YouTube video (all found on my YouTube channel) about that particular neighborhood or square.

I also have a url link in the description for each neighborhood here that takes you to a sub-page of my primary website ( where you can learn more about the neighborhood and see what is available for sale. Remember, I am a real estate broker, helping buyers and sellers:)

Who is it for? is for anyone who wishes to understand the location and boundaries of the neighborhoods of Cambridge and develop a general sense of the city.

How does it work?

You visit the map and move around it. I will eventually add layers with additional information.

After making, I got to thinking it would be useful to create a map for the neighborhood around one of my listings. I chose 137-139 Charles Street (two condo units) near Kendall Square in East Cambridge. I went and and created a map for the Neighborhood of 137-139 Charles Street in Cambridge:

In my blog post  on my website for 137-139 Charles Street I have a link to the map above for the neighborhood of 137-139 Charles Street.

Prospective buyers interested in 137-139 Charles Street can open this map to better understand what is happening in close proximity to 137-139 Charles Street. It is empowering for a prospective buyer who does not know the neighborhood very well to have access to this custom map that identifies many things nearby, including subway stations, parks, restaurants, and other area amenities. If I have time (:)) I will add photos to many of the links. I could also add comments + photos + video  in each description. An example of this is the link for the Rogers Street Park, where I have a photo of mine and a comment of mine. The sky is the limit!

Both maps have been very well received. The maps help establish me as a source of local knowledge and are useful and enjoyable.

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