When it comes to Google+ Pages, you may well have a Local 'type' one set up already.

This post is how you add in the extra information so that you can a) have a physical location, as well as b) deliver too, EVEN THOUGH you chose the 'Storefront' option on www.google.com/business

Situation: You chose 'storefront' as you are a restaurant or a pizza place, but you deliver as well! It is ok, relax, we have a simple process where you can expand your reach.

Step 1

Having signed in as your Google+ Page, click 'edit address'.

How to edit your address and add you deliver (1)

Then you will get to...

Step 2

How to edit your address adn add you deliver (2)

Then add in a zip/postal code and a radius, and check the box that you deliver from this address.

p.s. these are tips I've been learning whilst putting over 20 businesses on the map for the project 'How to put a village on the map', whilst in the jungle of Brazil. Ok, they've got wi-fi, and pizza, so it is not exactly that 'wild'!