10 reasons every business needs a marketing automation professional

Whether your marketing strategy is focused on local leads or an international audience, manually keeping track of different campaigns and content delivery channels can be taxing. On the other hand, hiring a marketing automation professional with keen knowledge on how to manage and monitor online content via a specialized automation platform is highly beneficial in the long run.

Marketing and Email Automation: 4 Reasons to Learn and Use

It's every digital marketer's task to contribute to the growth and improvement of a business. To achieve the goals they've set, digital marketers turn to various tools, strategies, and techniques. Marketing and email automation is on the top of the list. The processes behind marketing and email automation can make a huge difference for the digital marketing strategy and the team handling it.

How to Analyse Competitors and Set Up a Digital Strategy in 40 Minutes

Digital marketers today have a tough task of promoting a business or a brand. In almost every niche and industry, the competition is strong. Everyone's fighting for their piece of the cake, and there's no room for hesitation or letting your guard down. One of the most important things is crafting a successful digital strategy. The best way to do this is to analyze your competitors and go from...