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5 Email Personalization Stats Every Marketer Should Know

By Marie Barnes

Email marketing is something that has been around for a while already. There are many people out there who believe it to be dead, however, statistics beg to different. A recent study by Statista shows, that just in 2017 the total number of email users was somewhere around 3,7 billion and by 2021 this number is predicted to get higher than 4 billion. At the same time, the general number of email’s ROI is 122%, which is a few times more than any other marketing channel, even the popular these days social networks.

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Plus Your Business! Named Top Content Marketing Agency in UK by Clutch

By Martin Shervington

Here at Plus Your Business!, we know it can seem impossible to overcome your typical business challenges while also putting highly effective marketing measures in place to help you get ahead of your competition. That’s why we’re here to help! We help companies grow by putting HubSpot at the center of their businesses, increasing transparency in your marketing, SEO, and organic traffic.

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Increase Sales and Revenue Through AI Implementation

By Michael Dehoyos

The artificial intelligence movement has made its self a prominent source of performance and methodology in place of human intelligence. With today’s ever-growing need for efficiency and quick results are pushing sales leaders to depend on the qualities in which AI can provide.

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5 Ways Marketing Automation Is Harming Your Business

By Muniza Ashraf

There is a high chance of your business suffering because of wrongly placed expectations and understanding of marketing automation as a process, including the usage of automation tools.

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10 reasons every business needs a marketing automation professional

By Angela Baker

Whether your marketing strategy is focused on local leads or an international audience, manually keeping track of different campaigns and content delivery channels can be taxing. On the other hand, hiring a marketing automation professional with keen knowledge on how to manage and monitor online content via a specialized automation platform is highly beneficial in the long run.

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The 7 Types of Online Sales Funnels That Will Work Really Well In 2020

By Kurt Walker

Whether you run a startup or currently existing business, you need to develop sales funnels that will be profitable. There are so many of them and easily you can make a bad decision concerning the sales funnels you decide on using.

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