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How Brands can use live streaming and virtual reality to break the new 4th wall

By Martin Shervington | content marketing, Content Marketing, live streaming, virtual reality

Virtual Reality is the next platform. Live Streaming is happening now.
When you combine the two you will find unimaginable magic will happen. The film makers and storytellers of the future will learn all the tricks of the trade quickly, and invent new ones.
The 4th wall is a traditional 'trick', and even though it is more for narratives like in a movie, it is a great analogy for us to consider how new tech creates new opportunities to tell better stories.

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8 Basic Rules for Content Marketing

By Eric Enge | content marketing, Content Marketing, google plus


SEO seems like it's constantly changing, and that's because it is. However, some things have not really changed much at all. For instance, links remain a significant part of the algorithms for both Google and Bing. Most of the search terms you might want to rank for likely have thousands of, or even more, competitors, and links are a big part of helping the search engines know who to rank first.

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Why Google+ may deliver the best economic punch on the web

By Mark Schaefer | content marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, google+, google plus

Much has been written about the business benefits of an engaged presence on Google+.  And while most of this discussion has been centered on the undeniable business benefits of connecting the dots with Google in a way that ultimately benefits search, today I’m going to propose an alternate and powerful view you might have overlooked.

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The back story of Joe Pulizzi and Kevin Spacey

By Martin Shervington | content marketing, google plus, joe pulizzi, kevin spacey


When I saw Kevin 'Spaceman' Spacey on stage with Joe 'Itsy Bitsy' Pulizzi (you'll see) I started to wonder about the back story, the 'how' of how this came about. I made Joe's aquaintance this year at Social Media Marketing World, so I reached out and asked if he would be happy to share how he decided on Kevin for Content Marketing World this year. It is all about the story...

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How to Integrate Google+ into Your Editorial Calendar

By Brian Honigman | content marketing, Content Marketing, google+, google plus

4 Techniques for Better Integrating Google+ into Your Editorial Calendar

Even though Google+ has a massive user base and proven SEO advantages, businesses do not seem to take their Google+ efforts as seriously as their other social channel. Not only does Google+ have advantages of its own, but when used the right way it can help to maximize and improve your overall visibility online.

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