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7 ways to use Google Analytics: to help understand your audience

By Martin Shervington | Featured Posts, Google Analytics, google analytics help

So often we can get caught up in the detail that we miss the big picture.
As such, here are five very useful headlines you can look at creating for your own business or with your clients.

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10 things learned from running $10,000 a month Google for Non-Profits campaign!

By Mary Stovall | google adwords, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, google plus, Google for Business, google for non profits, google for nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits offers charitable organizations in more than fifty countries an opportunity to apply for a Google AdGrant. If qualified, Google provides $10,000 USD per month to use for AdWords advertising. And, if successful over time, the nonprofit may qualify for  $40,000 per month with AdGrants Pro.

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Website Actionable Intelligence and Goal Acquisitions

By David Kutcher | Google Analytics, google plus, intelligence

Viewing our Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools reports can be addictive. There is something within our nature that causes us to get focused on benchmarks and progress reports, causing us to get sucked into data while trying to make sense of it. And in making sense of it, our brain likes to draw conclusions, in a similar way that a Rorschach Test records our perception of inkblots that are then analyzed for psychological interpretation. Our moods can affect our perception of the reports and data in Analytics unless we turn away from the data, and instead focus our efforts into evaluating our performance in the context of what it means for us to achieve successes.

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