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10 things learned from running $10,000 a month Google for Non-Profits campaign!

By Mary Stovall | google adwords, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, google plus, Google for Business, google for non profits, google for nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits offers charitable organizations in more than fifty countries an opportunity to apply for a Google AdGrant. If qualified, Google provides $10,000 USD per month to use for AdWords advertising. And, if successful over time, the nonprofit may qualify for  $40,000 per month with AdGrants Pro.

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A map of the new Google EcoSystem

By Martin Shervington | Google Apps, google apps, Google Apps for Business, google ecosystem, Google My Business, Google for Business

Einstein once said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” And in this case, putting simply, after the announcements earlier this year about G+, I was struggling to understand the future of Google+ in the overall map of Google products and services. Google+ was Google (the social layer) to many of us, so how would it all fit together if that was to change?

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Google+, sales and small business - an interview!

By Martin Shervington | google plus, Google for Business, google+ interviews, google plus small business

Looking for a fresh take on Google+ for business? Well, this interview with Hugh Liddle has you covered! It has a small business sales focus, which you may well appreciate.

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How to use Google for small business marketing success!

By Martin Shervington | google business, Google for Business, small business marketing

I’ve spent over two months out 'in the field', in Northern California and have learned so much about people’s perceptions of what is happening online. And I’ve found so many people don’t realise how fast the rate of change is happening, and how incredible Google has become as a way for businesses to improve their results.

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Google Plus Social Media Consultant

By Martin Shervington | google plus, Google for Business, social media consultant, Social Media Marketing, social media marketing, social media marketing consultant, Google Plus for Business

If you want to shoot for the moon on Google+, then this graphic will show you how to get your boosters charged up and ready to fly! 

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