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Prompt to add Photos to Google Maps

By Martin Shervington | Google Maps, Google Local, maps and photos
This is such a small post, but long overdue. About 2 months ago I spotted that having taken a photo on my Android device (Samsung S6) I was being prompted to add the images to Google Maps. This is perfect for Local businesses, and having done it many times since, the view count on some has been in the 1000s.
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Which review sites should your business be on?

By Martin Shervington | Google Local, reputation managament, reviews
If you are keen on managing your online reputation you will want to make sure you are a) on the right sites for you, and b) managing the reviews - e.g. responding to people, when you get some.
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Improve Customer Service for Better Online Reviews

By Jeff Schwerdt | Content Marketing, Customer Service, google plus, Google Local, online reviews, reviews, Social Media Marketing
Intro from Martin: Over the past few weeks I've been receiving demos for a load of awesome reviews type software, as I am learning the ins and outs of this space.
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Google Search Tips for Restaurants (Tip One)

By Martin Shervington | google plus, Google Local, google local displays menu in search results, google local restaurants, google local restaurants add menu
If you are a restaurant in the US (and maybe beyond), then by adding a menu to your website you may well benefit from people seeing that information brought over into their Search Results.
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How to have a 'Local Reviews Box' as a landing page

By Martin Shervington | google local reviews, Google My Business, Google Local
If you would like people to 'land' directly on your Google+ reviews, then simply add this code to the end of your Local page: ?review=1
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The Google Review Revolution

By Martin Shervington | Google Local, local reviews, google reviews
Many people have asked for predictions of what I think could happen with Google+ this next year, and the only thing I tend to offer is this...
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