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How to become a Google Trusted Photographer in 30 days

By Martin Shervington | Content Marketing, Featured Posts, Google Maps, google streetview, google trusted photographer


Over the past few months I’ve been connecting the dots whilst on a 360/VR storytelling assignment with Weavr.Space - along the way, something additionally cool happened, Google verified me as a Trusted Photographer.

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Google Maps Video Tutorial

By Martin Shervington | Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Google Maps, google maps tutorial

Google Maps is an oft-overlooked marketing tool, but this video shows some of the features available in the app. That should hopefully spark some ideas on how you can position your business to benefit from people around you using Google Maps.

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Prompt to add Photos to Google Maps

By Martin Shervington | Google Maps, Google Local, maps and photos

This is such a small post, but long overdue.
About 2 months ago I spotted that having taken a photo on my Android device (Samsung S6) I was being prompted to add the images to Google Maps.
This is perfect for Local businesses, and having done it many times since, the view count on some has been in the 1000s.

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Using Google Maps to help your Real Estate Business

By Martin Shervington | Google Maps, google maps and real estate, Google My Business, google plus, real estate

This is a post by Charles Cherney that came from a comment on one of my posts about creating maps!
Here is the story for you all...(and great to see this application - thanks Charles)

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