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Google My Business Video Tutorial

By Martin Shervington | Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Google My Business

Keeping track of how your business is performing across the range of Google products has meant diving in and out of the appropriate apps - Analytics, Google+, YouTube, etc, etc.

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How to connect your Google My Business Account with Google Adwords

By Martin Shervington | Google Adwords, Google My Business, adwords

Want to connect up your Google My Business listing with an Adwords account?
Let me show you how...

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A map of the new Google EcoSystem

By Martin Shervington | Google Apps, google apps, Google Apps for Business, google ecosystem, Google My Business, Google for Business

Einstein once said, “We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” And in this case, putting simply, after the announcements earlier this year about G+, I was struggling to understand the future of Google+ in the overall map of Google products and services. Google+ was Google (the social layer) to many of us, so how would it all fit together if that was to change?

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How to show the world people love your products and services, using Google My Business

By Martin Shervington | Google My Business, reviews, google reviews

Do you want to show the world of your awesome work?
Well, consider sharing your reviews publicly, then taking the embed code (from the upper right menu on the post) and adding it to your website, just like the PYB members below:

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Want to learn from six weeks of market research into Google My Business?!

By Martin Shervington | Google My Business, google plus

Back in the summer I spent weeks researching Local business, and this was a video with findings after the first 6 weeks.
It has come a lot further from there, but this should give you some idea what Local businesses want - mainly, more customers!

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How David's Tea is using reviews to improve customer service

By Martin Shervington | Google My Business, Local SEO, seo

David's Tea now has over 160 stores around the country, and recently had its IPO.

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