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Google Plus and Social SEO Facts and Evidence

By Martin Shervington | google plus, seo, Social Media Marketing, Google SEO, google+ social seo, social search engine optimization, Social SEO, social seo case study


Two and a half years ago I began building my personal blog in relation to Google+ marketing; then from September 2013, I focused all of my attention on building Plus Your Business. For both sites I've created content, had great guest bloggers, and shared content via my profile and the PYB page. Everything achieved has been due to the support and engagement of the Google+ community; the social visits have largely come from this source within the first month, and then the engagement with that content has signaled to search that "hey maybe other people who like to see this too!" and it then shows up for a) personalized results (inc. G+ posts), and b) incognito too.

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Google Plus Marketing Case Study Teaser

By Martin Shervington | Case Studies, content marketing, google plus, seo, Google SEO, Social SEO, social seo case study

This post is a 'teaser' for a full report on the visitor levels for PYB related content, as we want to show you want can be achieved using content marketing and Google+

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How to Use Clean Google+ URLs & the Google+ Canonicals

By Joshua Berg | google plus, seo, Google SEO

How to share the cleanest G+ URLs by removing unwanted parameters.

In this article we will cover the following:

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How to use Google+ for Social SEO

By Martin Shervington | google+ and social seo, google plus, seo, google plus for search, google plus search engine optimization, Google SEO, google seo, social seo, Social SEO

Since Google+ came on the scene back in July 2011, there has increasingly been the term 'Social SEO' floating about. Well, as Google+ has now settled into itself it really is starting to be the name of the game. What really is it? And how can you use Google+ to do 'more' of it? Well, this article has you covered. Let's begin...

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