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Google Hangout Video Tutorial

By Martin Shervington | Google Apps, Google Apps for Business, Google Hangouts, #hangouts

We're going to have a closer look at Google Hangouts, the main way to communicate with individuals and groups in the Google Mobile Ecosystem. We'll explore:

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Complete Guide to Google Hangouts for Businesses and Individuals

By Martin Shervington | google hangouts for business, google plus, google hangout, Google Hangouts, #hangouts, hangouts for business

What are Google Hangouts?

They are video calls with up to 10 people on a standard account and 15 people on an Google Apps account, and also text chat with up to 100 people; as well as live events streamed on YouTube, and conference calls too.

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How to create a private Google Hangout-on-Air (VIDEO)

By Martin Shervington | google plus, #hangouts, #hangouts-on-air

Would you like to record a private Hangout-on-air? Well this quick video shows you how.

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