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How to create a list on Twitter

By Martin Shervington | engagement, list, Twitter, twitterlists, Useful Tips
Here are the simple steps on how to create your own list on Twitter and how it is a great tool for engagement.
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How to create a 'Collection' on Twitter

By Martin Shervington | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, tweetdeck, Twitter, twitter collections
Introduction: Here is a great idea you can use to bring a community together using Twitter.
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The Tao of Twitter, and a bit of Google+ in here too!

By Martin Shervington | Social Media Marketing, Interviews with great people, Successful Social Media Campaigns, tao of twitter, Twitter
From a great interview with Mark Schaefer here is the video, a transcript and a load of quotes as well. Here is a link to the new version of the book on Amazon.
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