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How to remarket to your YouTube audience

By Martin Shervington | google adwords, Google Adwords, Youtube, youtube remarketing
If you want to dive in deeper to Adwords, then check out my Google Adwords Course from LinkedIn's Lynda.com here.
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The relationship between YouTube and Google+ comments!

By Martin Shervington | google plus, googleplus, googleplustips, Youtube, youtubecomments
This may well help you to see the connection between G+ and YouTube, when a comment which has generated a Google+ posts. Note: this will need for the 'box to be checked' when a person posts from YouTube, or it will have been initiated on Google+ itself.
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Want more subscribers on your YouTube channel?

By Martin Shervington | get youtube subscribers, google plus, Youtube, subscribers
Well, start by making it easy for people! Give people a direct link so they don't have to search about to subscribe.
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Make your Google+ Page or Profile a Destination

By Brian Jensen | gmail, Google + page, google plus, Level 3, personalised search, Google + profile, Youtube
Google+ is more than a social identity, it’s a social layer.  Since the birth of Google+ in 2011, Google has slowly and consistently integrated the social network with its other products and services including Google Maps, Gmail, Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, Google Calendar, and more. With these integrations comes not only the chance to increase awareness for your brand across multiple Google services, but also an opportunity to build community utilizing Google’s social network.  I’m going to discuss how these integrations provide users with a powerful incentive to make their Google+ account a destination.
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