How existing HubSpot users can improve website conversions using Clearbit forms

Clearbit was acquired by HubSpot last year, and many people are focused on enriching data that’s already in HubSpot.

What we’ve been testing, however, is another aspect of Clearbit’s functionality relating to ‘website forms’ i.e. you can streamline lead capture by using real-time enrichment to shorten forms, sometimes to just one field e.g. an email address.

Here's how it works: when a lead enters their work email, Clearbit Enrichment pulls relevant data (job role, title, etc.) into your marketing system.

You can then autofill fields for leads to confirm or hide fields unless Clearbit can't find the data.
If no match is found, the form expands to collect the missing information.

Think about this for a second…
Less friction for them (i.e. less fields to fill in) and still the required information for you.

And of course, Clearbit form shortening works with HubSpot (as well as Pardot, Marketo, and more).

Here’s some scenarios:

  1. A lead enters their email address - Clearbit instantly finds their data, and they submit the form without delay.
    lead email_PYB blog image
  2. Someone enters their email. Clearbit finds no match, so the form expands for them to enter details.
    details_PYB blog image
  3. Clearbit finds partial data, so the form only expands to ask for missing fields.
    details_2_PYB blog image

Clearbit's dynamic forms benefit everyone:

  • You get higher conversions.
  • Leads enjoy a smooth experience.
  • You get accurate data without sacrificing qualification.

This automatic data collection reduces errors and fake responses, leading to cleaner databases.

Case study with SMS PLC - 50% increase in leads & 35% decrease in costs

Here’s the report I shared with the client after we moved from HubSpot forms to Clearbit’s…
Cost per lead is circa £130 a lead, compared to circa £200 a lead before the forms were changed - with a shift from 5% to 11% conversion rate across 3 campaigns.
All in all, a very positive move.

An energetic campaign support partner


Whilst PYB were initially brought on to onboard HubSpot, we (the Marketing team) continued to work with them after onboarding was complete, to ensure we best utilised HubSpot as a campaign-integrated CRM. Predominantly working with Martin, we've used HubSpot to manage paid campaign activity for LinkedIn and Google, as well as supporting our sales teams with PDF's and automated emails for MQL's/ SQL's. Plus Your Business have been a dedicated support throughout, offering a very agile and responsive service to ensure we get the best "bang for our buck" with sponsored activity such as InMail and PPC. I'd definitely recommend them to any business looking for campaign/ CRM support.

Penny Howell-Jones
Head Of Marketing, SMS Plc