How to use active (smart) lists and HubSpot’s goal based workflows

How to use active (smart) lists and HubSpot’s goal (2)


This is one of our favourite workflows as it shows how cross platform intelligence changes the messages people see i.e. as soon as the goal is completed, they are removed from the list and that synchs to the advertising platform and stops the ads.
The process is straightforward to follow in the diagram (from left to right, top to bottom) and here are the details...


  • An active (smart) list is created in HubSpot with leads that we want to drive to MQL’S,
  • The active list triggers a workflow that has a goal set to make contact an MQL
  • The workflow sends an email, a text, an event invite and then a webinar invite (etc)
  • If any of these events result in the contact becoming an MQL then the goal of the workflow is met, and the workflow ends.
  • As the list is active and only includes leads and not MQL’s the contact is removed from the list.
  • If none of these events result in the contact changing lifecycle stage to MQL the goal is not met but the workflow ends.
  • The active list is also remarketed and retargeted with adverts on Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn and if they submit a form on the advert the contact becomes a MQL and no longer meets the criteria of the list and is removed.


How to use active (smart) lists and HubSpot’s goal - background (1)


Note: Each ad network place certain conditions on advertisers before they can use audiences. For example, Google states their requirements, while Facebook generally requires users to have some advertising history but does not explicitly state their requirements.

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