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How using Hubspot with 'Google Ads add on' can transform attribution

By Martin Shervington | Case Studies, Content Marketing, Featured Posts, google adwords, Google Adwords, hubspot ad on


When Overture came to the UK in the early 2000s it transformed how I thought about marketing.
Then Google Adwords took it up a level.
This was almost 15 years ago, and the Adwords platform has continued to develop - bringing negative keywords, remarketing, YouTube etc.

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10 things learned from running $10,000 a month Google for Non-Profits campaign!

By Mary Stovall | google adwords, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, google plus, Google for Business, google for non profits, google for nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits offers charitable organizations in more than fifty countries an opportunity to apply for a Google AdGrant. If qualified, Google provides $10,000 USD per month to use for AdWords advertising. And, if successful over time, the nonprofit may qualify for  $40,000 per month with AdGrants Pro.

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Google Adwords Help? 21 Awesome Hints and Tips

By Martin Shervington | google adwords, Google Adwords, google adwords help, adwords

1. How to add and modify columns in Google Adwords

Go into the Account.
You will see a list of the campaigns.

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How Does Google Adwords Remarketing Work?

By Martin Shervington | google adwords, Google Adwords, google adwords remarketing, pay per click, PPC, remarketing, google remarketing

Google Adwords re-marketing is a way to turn an initial engagement into an ongoing relationship.

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