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A few things I've learned about Virtual Reality

By Martin Shervington | Featured Posts, virtual reality

As we move toward the festive season, I thought I would share what I've been learning over the past few months since being on the project with Weavr.Space

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How to choose a good domain name! (AR/VR business case study)

By Martin Shervington | domain names, Featured Posts, business domain, naming a business, virtual reality


For so many businesses, getting a good domain name is what will determine the name of their entire business.

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How Brands can use live streaming and virtual reality to break the new 4th wall

By Martin Shervington | content marketing, Content Marketing, live streaming, virtual reality

Virtual Reality is the next platform. Live Streaming is happening now.
When you combine the two you will find unimaginable magic will happen. The film makers and storytellers of the future will learn all the tricks of the trade quickly, and invent new ones.
The 4th wall is a traditional 'trick', and even though it is more for narratives like in a movie, it is a great analogy for us to consider how new tech creates new opportunities to tell better stories.

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Virtual Reality and the Future of Privacy

By Martin Shervington | privacy, virtual reality

Have you tried virtual reality yet?
Well, if you haven't then you cannot imagine 'how real' it may be.

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Marketing tips for Virtual Reality Start-Ups

By Martin Shervington | marketing tips, startup tips, virtual reality


We all know that Virtual Reality (VR) is on the rise. I've spent the past few years dipping in and out of the Silicon Valley scene for 6 months at a time, and it is (as my friend and VR storyteller, Sarah Hill says) like drinking from a Virtual Firehose.

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10 tips on Virtual Reality filming for your business

By Martin Shervington | filming in business, virtual reality

Virtual Reality in Business

I started getting into how Virtual Reality applications for business back in 2013 when Oculus first appeared on the scene.
And now, we are seeing just seeing the start to true adoption but interest is going nuts.
Look at this curve on Google Trends...

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