6 Powerful HubSpot Integrations for your Call Center

Call center agents need to handle mountains of manual and repetitive tasks every day. Once they pick up the phone, they need to take notes and manually log customer data while providing feedback. Fortunately, you can help them automate most of these tasks. 

No matter if you want to automate lead management or record phone calls, HubSpot provides a plentitude of integrations with calling apps. It helps you streamline workflows, manage multi-channel communications from a single dashboard, and centralize customer information to make it available to all team members.

Here are six powerful calling apps that integrate with HubSpot.

1. Aircall

Aircall is a comprehensive phone system for any modern business. 

By integrating Aircall with HubSpot, your agents will not need to switch back and forth between tools to log customer information. Each interaction with customers is automatically imported into HubSpot. That will save your agents’ time and let them focus on building relationships with customers. 

Customer information is kept in centralized client records. Before an agent answers the phone call, the system will display the detailed customer profile on-screen. Knowing a caller’s previous service inquiries, purchases, and problems, your call center agents will be able to personalize user experiences.

Most importantly, your customer service reps will not have to take notes while talking to customers. They can focus on providing valuable customer support experiences, while Aircall will record the call for them and send it to HubSpot.

2. DialPad

The reason why The Ultimate VoIP Guide ranks Dialpad as a top solution for small businesses lies in its advanced call analytics features. Apart from standard call center features, Dialpad also uses voice intelligence to transcribe customer calls and automatically analyze call data. 

The tool is affordable and easy-to-use. While all plans include Office 360 and G Suite integrations, to integrate Diaplad with HubSpot and similar CRM solutions, you will need to invest in a Pro plan.

By integrating Dialpad with HubSpot, you automate log activities. HubSpot offers automatic call, voicemail, and recording logging, meaning your call center agents will not need to enter data manually. 

Similar to Aircall, Dialpad lets you capture and manage leads effectively. When a customer reaches out to an agent for the first time, the tool will create a new customer profile in the database. If a customer service rep is talking to an existing customer, Dialpad will search the database for them and display the customer’s previous touchpoints with the company.

3. RingOver

RingOver is another powerful VoIP solution for small businesses. Its HubSpot integration allows you to make and receive phone calls directly from HubSpot. Phone activities are logged automatically into HubSpot, letting your call center agents track customer behavior and interactions, contact by contact. 

By integrating RingOver with HubSpot, you can retrieve voicemail messages, text messages notes, and recorded conversations in a single HubSpot dashboard. When viewing the contact file, each team member will have access to the same information. No matter who a customer talked to before, your customer service agents will always be able to provide them with valuable and personalized feedback.

RingOver also provides intelligent routing. That way, your customers will always be directed to a customer service rep that understands their problem and can help them solve it.

4. CallRail

CallRail takes the lead generation and tracking process to the next level. By integrating with HubSpot, it provides companies with an advanced call analytics platform. CallRail synchronizes phone calls and text messages with HubSpot. That way, you will be able to monitor and measure your entire marketing funnel from a single location, no matter if your leads are generated from online or offline channels.

The CallRail integration with HubSpot also lets you customize and automate workflows. With its help, you can evaluate leads generated from phone calls to determine which marketing activities are driving inbound phone calls, text messages, and forms.

HubSpot will automatically register new leads. If a caller has already interacted with your support team or purchased from you, the tool will add their latest activity to their customer profile. 

5. Ring Central

RingCentral is one of the most popular online phone solutions out there. It integrates with a plethora of business intelligence applications to improve customer service. With their omnichannel customer support, you can connect customers with the right agents and solve problems faster. 

The RingCentral integration with HubSpot allows you to merge and centralize customer profiles across multiple channels. That way, customers will receive highly personalized and seamless experiences.

You will access call data directly from the HubSpot platform, as well. For example, you will be able to listen to voicemail, send or receive SMS, and schedule meetings directly from HubSpot.

6. Threads

Threads is an intelligent message hub that manages business communications from different channels within a single, intuitive dashboard. Your employees do not need to use multiple apps. With Threads, they will have a 360-degree insight into customer communications.

The Threads integration with HubSpot merges your two most significant customer support systems – VoIP and CRM. By integrating those platforms, you will automate many time-consuming tasks. For example, Threads will automatically record and transcribe both inbound and outbound calls and then log them with the HubSpot contact. That way, important customer information will be placed in the same location and available to everyone in the customer support team.

Your teams will not need to capture and log email manually anymore. Threads will scan your inbox and automatically send this information to HubSpot, attaching them to the previous contact data.

That way, Threads will successfully organize your multi-channel communications. That means no more manual data entries or searches. It will save your employees’ time and let them focus on improving customer experiences.

Turbocharge your Call Center with the Right HubSpot Integrations

Now that you know what HubSpot integrations are and why they are so important for your call center agents, it is time to choose the best one for your business. 

Sure, those are just some of the numerous options out there. 

Evaluate your call center’s current performance and set your long-term business goals. Only that way will you be able to decide which HubSpot integration will improve your team’s performance, give you richer insights into customer behaviors, and boost customer experiences.

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