Plumm Health: HubSpot Case Study

Platform Migration Excellence

Plumm Health is a mental health and wellness start-up where companies can sign up and give access to their employees for therapy sessions. The platform helps companies to increase productivity, combat burnout, and boost morale.

The Challenge for Plumm Health

The Plumm Health setup is extremely B2B heavy. Customer success managers have to liaise with businesses (their clients) to ensure they are satisfied with their services. Also, help new clients to onboard and maintain robust relationships.

Consequently, there are a considerable number of emails flowing between Plumm Health and its clients. The company was using Intercom software to communicate with the client, but it was starting to hold them back.

Intercom could not connect personal email inboxes into their system. Intercom could only handle group inboxes. Therefore, there was an urgent need to migrate everything to a platform that could manage all the email responses in the long term.

Another big challenge that made the situation far more complex was that Plumm Health had three different relationships/entities to keep track of at all times. These were:

  • The business that had signed up to Plumm Health to use their service.
  • The employees that were receiving therapy.
  • The therapists themselves who were conducting the therapy sessions.

The new platform had to be able to handle a complete migration and have the ability to manage multiple entities. It was essential for Plumm Health to find a system that could handle this level of complexity.

A Complete Migrational Solution

Plumm Health had two tools to be migrated: Intercom and Pipedrive. There was some functionality with Pipedrive to move deals through a pipeline. However, it was not a complete customer relationship management system (CRM) like HubSpot.

The staff put all the sales work in Pipedrive, which also connected to Intercom. Consequently, all the Pipedrive processes needed migration into HubSpot.The whole migration took approximately seven weeks to complete.

Plumm Health worked on a consultative basis with Plus Your Business (PYB). These consultations involved creating drafts based on specifications from Plumm Health. These were then agreed upon, finalised and tested before HubSpot went live.

For example, Plumm Health wanted to move over a live chat from their old system. The company initially showed a draft specification of a complicated chat bot that was unique. It was something the company had always wanted to do.

After a consultative process, PYB created a live chat bot for the company from scratch. Taking the original draft notes, PYB advised how a new Live chat bot could meet the three different entities. PYB made the chatbot and placed it into HubSpot.

The PYB team put all the help centre and all articles into HubSpot. There was also a complete migration of automated emails and their workflows. These were originally in Intercom but moved into HubSpot without affecting employees’ daily routines.

Elisa from PYB trained the entire sales team over several sessions so that they could use HubSpot instead of Pipedrive. Another team member, Justin, coached the support team, to use the ticketing system on HubSpot rather than Intercom.

It’s important to note that Plumm Health had no ticketing system before using HubSpot as Intercom is only chat-based. Justin also trained the Head of Customer Support on how to set up the ticketing processes to get the most out of HubSpot.

There was also a full API import of all historical contacts from Intercom. This import matched up with 30+ properties, with the migration of lists and tag equivalents so that Plumm Health could access all the contact information via HubSpot.

Another team member from PYB, Darian, did a full API synch of the companies existing data from Pipedrive to HubSpot. This process tool two to three drafts to ensure everything migrated over correctly. This migration included:

  • Contacts and companies
  • Deals migration
  • Activities migration
  • E-mail communication

The Results For Plumm Health

Plumm Health was ecstatic about switching from Intercom to HubSpot. The company could finally log all email correspondence inside a CRM. This functionality was a game-changer as they did not have this capability before the migration.

Everything from ticketing, sales, and customer support correspondence were centralised in one location for easy access. This access helped the company to speed up business processes and the quality of the service to their clients.

The Impact of the Solution On Plumm Health

One of the key highlights was the ability for the chat to route/adapt automatically, depending on which of the three different entities connected. The initial concept was very complex, but HubSpot was able to handle these requirements.

It could finally help by differentiating if it were 1) an end user that needed therapy, 2) a new business that was looking to buy the services or needed help with their contract, or 3) one of the therapists that needed support from the business.