7 Marketing Automation Trends for 2020 to Increase Efficiency

7 Marketing Automation Trends for 2020 to Increase Efficiency

If a few years ago, we did the routine work manually, then at the end of 2019, automation will not surprise anyone. Today, it has become not just a trend but a necessity.

7 Marketing Automation Trends for 2020 to Increase Efficiency

MA used to be a clear procedure. Send an email message with the offer—monitor who followed the connection and rounded out the structure on the point of entry. Move prompts the business office.

Presently, various advertisers should have the option to oversee client experience, which fundamentally confounds the objectives of the battles. Be that as it may, not all. As indicated by specialists and experts from the marketing business, most B2B advertisers utilizing MA platforms don't accept that they are using their maximum capacity.

In any case, understanding and actualizing the most recent trends in MA will assist with accomplishing any of your objectives.

Management of Multiple Campaigns

Present-day marketing is worked around campaigns, while automation permits you to oversee welcome and preparing efforts, just as tokens of occasions and exercises. Frequently, they are very straightforward and suggest a direct grouping of activities.

But sometimes marketers create more complex logic to get different outcomes. In this case, they can create campaigns by using Linksmanagement, which adapts and responds to the actions of real customers beyond a limited and pre-planned trip. Such campaigns can be created in the intuitive drag and drop interface, which makes marketing faster and easier. Such technologies help in solving everyday tasks and do not require marketers to have specialized training.

The most recent MA instruments permit you to alter and refresh campaigns in two accounts. You can stop the campaign and include or change the arrangement fragment, enter another email address, make a point of arrival or other content, and plan further activity. Subsequent to rolling out the improvements, only a single tick is sufficient to reactivate the campaign.

Open-source platforms

MA tools should work and be related to different innovations. Numerous instruments, as of now, incorporate different extra frameworks. Be that as it may, not all.

The significant number of advertisers called non-coordinated specialized platforms the primary snag to joining different marketing zones. A few engineers offer clients to associate the devices of accomplices freely, yet the best execute the significant advances ahead of time. This permits advertisers to work with programming without the help of IT pros.

Marketing automation can change the way we communicate with potential and real customers. The significance of these changes depends on the marketers and their ability to learn the latest trends. A powerful selling approach, coupled with practical tools, will help to attract more leads and sales while improving ROI.

Integrate and Implement Various Content Marketing Strategies

MA platforms permit concentrating on client activities to offer them the essential content. Most marketers perceive the significance of customized messages. However, not every person can make the perfect measure of content. As indicated by the B2B content marketers, specialists, and experts, the noteworthy number of B2B marketers experience issues creating energizing content, and half can't make content normally. Anyway, lacking content quality leads to botched chances.

One of the key keys to the success of MA is an effective content marketing strategy. No one responds to inappropriate content. Content should be created for a specific target audience and distributed through the most appropriate channels. It is always necessary to correlate content with the personalities of customers. This will help in the integration of MA and content marketing. In this way, the most relevant content will automatically correlate with the person-based segments within the campaigns.

Account-Based Marketing

ABM is another path for marketers to communicate with necessary accounts. It permits you to more successfully target and utilize all the chances of commitment and change by connecting activities and information to a particular account. ABM has rolled out vast improvements to the field of marketing. The association framework has changed from singular profiles to the account level. Contacts are presently connected to the parent account, which permits marketers to run battles focused on these accounts.

One of the most fundamental parts of MA - a marker of lead quality - has likewise changed with the coming of ABM. Presently the measurement for the account is utilized. Accordingly, ABM has consolidated marketing and deals and permits you to pull in a lot more clients.

Smart & Personalized Content

In spite of the way that customized content is obviously not the most recent trend, it is progressively picking up quality and is starting to impact all parts of marketing. The significance of customizing content even started to be noted by organizations that had as of late made mass mailings with advancements.

Present-day innovations permit us to examine practically all user conduct. How much time customers have spent on a specific page of the site, which joins they click regularly, and even in what place the cursor delays? These days, you can discover legitimate models employing many web assets, for example, Hubspot and others. This data can be utilized to furnish the user with the correct data at the specific second in time when it is generally required.

Additionally, present-day marketing frameworks can "follow" the user. Did he google something? At that point, the AI ​​will design logical publicizing for it. The user puts the products in the crate, however, didn't submit a request? The robot will send him an email with an idea to finish the solicitation.


Bots are far from a new trend, however, every year the technology improves and allows you to create assistants, whose speech is more and more like human speech, and the answers are not limited to scenarios prescribed in advance.

Chatbots help provide round-the-clock and faster than before user support, automatically accept and sort orders, carry entertaining, and other useful functions. To implement a bot in the work of your company's messengers, you can assemble it manually through a unique tool (in this case, scripts just written in advance are used).

Sort Your Traffic via Automation

Automation helps you more conveniently purchase ads in the contextual system and quickly determine bids. When we start the first contextual campaign, the question arises - how much is a click and what is the expected cost of conversion? You can conduct research, find out the average rates in the industry, and start with them. One can follow intuition.

At the start, man and robot are almost equal - as long as there is no background to the campaign in real auctions, we work with basic rates. Then parameters are added for traffic segmentation and sorting: geography, time of day, device type, user behavior, conversions, audience interests. We can target these features and adjust bids.


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