BB7: HubSpot Case Study

BB7 is an independent advisory firm offering strategic advice, innovation design, construction oversight, and risk management services.

The Challenge for BB7

BB7 wanted to create an online website where people could view a calendar of CPDs (training sessions) and sign up. The company needed to know when people clicked links and registered, so they could send updates, track the attendees, etc.

The company wanted to have an element of visitor interaction on the website. BB7 wanted website visitors to see who was speaking and learn more about them. It would help to gather more attendees to the sessions that were available to book.

The biggest challenge was understanding how to use HubSpot. It was difficult to find time to learn how to use it. There was a steep learning curve to using the system, and BB7 wanted to find a solution to fix this training issue.

The Solution by PYB

Working with Plus Your Business (PYB) has helped BB7 speed up the process of using HubSpot as a valuable tool. Initially, there were several interactive calls with Elisa and Martin so PYB could understand the requirements.

Rebecca Bower, the Marketing Manager, said, “There was a lot of handholding in the initial journey through HubSpot. But PYB was able to guide me through it and give me a lot of education, as well as hands-on videos”.

Elisa from PYB made several short instructional videos. This style of interactive video was ideal for Rebecca to use in HubSpot. The videos clearly showed Rebecca what she needed to do on the platform.

Likewise, Colman, another PYB team member, was also on hand to assist at any point during the implementation. Rebecca said the whole PYB went above and beyond to provide quick responses and support.

Working with Plus Your Business (PYB) has given BB7 the support it needed to get to grips quickly with HubSpot. Rebecca Bower said, “Emailing Elisa or Martin at PYB is great because I can bounce ideas off them”.

One such instance resulted in PYB putting Colman, another member of the PYB team, in touch with Rebecca. Colman was able to help develop pages on HubSpot for BB7. This automation has helped to save valuable company time.

Rebecca said she does not have the time to self-teach herself on HubSpot or go on Google and research how to do something. Using the services of PYB has reduced the time spent researching things. Colman from PYB was able to offer “a quick fix.

Colman worked on the home page and speakers page for the Learning Lounge. This work was also able to be done remotely. It has given Rebeca space to give attention to other work areas.

PYB helped link Teams to HubSpot by embedding the link for the registration on Teams. Instead of only having everything on a landing page, they wanted it to go to HubSpot so they could track the interactions to fine, granular details.

BB7 was reasonably competent in Teams, but they had never used it for a webinar, only for meetings. BB7 has started using a webinar for the first time and has already scheduled many events.

A distinct advantage is that Rebecca, as the Marketing Manager, is not solely responsible for this area now. This task can go to any team member dealing with the training sessions called The Learning Lounge.

This flexibility means more people can use it, and they already have 30 training sessions planned for the coming months. In the past, they would have to create individual web pages for each webinar. Now it is a lot easier and quicker to manage.

The Results

New client managers can now go into HubSpot and assess the client profiles. The client managers can see the clients’ last six months' activities, such as events they have attended and emails they have opened.

There are also pointers like what emails clients have received and not opened and which web pages have had interactions. It is all valuable information for BB7, as the client managers can learn more about each client and how to interact with them.

Now, the company is at the stage where it can take a step back and assess all the data on the platform. BB7 can target its messages based on the knowledge from website visitor interactions. It all helps to refine the marketing strategy.

A new graduate in the marketing team is also currently tasked with a “listening project” to see how the clients interact. HubSpot will be fundamental to this project as it will enable BB7 to track what people do on the website.

The company can now benefit from “low-hanging fruit” and ensure it follows up and tracks everything from a marketing perspective. For example, clients that come to BB7 and interact with them via messaging or other ways can now be better engaged.

The company followed up on completed web forms in the past, but it was generally a slow process as it went from one person to another. HubSpot has enabled the company to set clear goals and improve in this area.

One long-term goal is to understand the return on investment (ROI) for marketing when opportunities come through on the website. HubSpot can track this journey and attribute wins and money to marketing via marketing codes for different things.

The biggest thing for BB7 is that the company could never track the marketing ROI. Because BB7 is a small organisation with minimal staff in marketing, it wasn’t easy to monitor this. HubSpot will be fundamental in helping BB7 acquire this data.

HubSpot will also help the company with recurring revenues. The clients all have to have annual risk assessments. BB7 is not currently using its data to monitor when risk assessments have occurred and are next due for clients.

At the moment, the company is waiting for the clients to come to them to request the risk assessment. BB7 intends to have a more proactive approach to communications and will now be in a position to prompt the clients themselves for risk assessments.

This change will be a big project as all the data is not in HubSpot yet. Since they have been using it, there are “dribs and drabs” of new opportunities going into HubSpot. However, much of the old data is still in the legacy system.

The client journey overall is now a lot slicker. For example, Better Proposals now has a link to HubSpot. This link means that when somebody signs a proposal, all the data automatically goes into HubSpot as a win.

This automation speeds up the kick-off of a project. Because it is all digital and talking to the right systems now. The new automation is a massive improvement for the company in this area.

The company's motto for next year, across the board, is, “Let's be more proactive and less reactive!”. This motto will be present in all of the marketing for the company.

"5* Support"


Martin and Elisa have been great support to us on our journey of implementing a CRM system within our organisation. I could not have asked for better for better consultants to help us along our journey! I really recommend them to anyone looking to get started with CRM.

Rebecca Bower
Marketing Manager - BB7

“After spending a lot of time researching the best solution for us we decided to embed HubSpot into our organisation. The available features and ease of use was the deciding factor in changing to a new platform for our business. Migrating data and initial set up was a daunting task, we wanted to avoid as much downtime as possible and so used the services of Plus your Business to enable us for a faster transition and more tailored set up. They allowed us to not only have faith that our data would be safe, and compliant but they were great at guiding us through and setting up some complex automation to help drive business efficiency. I would wholeheartedly recommend using their services and as the project was delivered impeccably and their aftercare has been great as we have looked to extend and tweak the capabilities of our automation and APIs.”

Tom Welland
Director of Client Services - BB7