Rota: HubSpot Case Study

Delivering automation.


Rota offers an easy-to-use platform for businesses to build, engage, and manage their internal and external workforce. It is used in the education, healthcare and industrial sectors by staffing agencies and organisations for workforce management.

The Challenge for Rota

Rota was initially using Copper, a CRM bolt-on by Google. Ultimately, there was not enough functionality in this particular CRM. Rota wanted to access everything they needed in one place. Instead of having a CRM and separate tools, such as Zendesk for ticket management, Mailchimp for email campaigns, etc.

Easy-To-Use Technological Solutions by HubSpot

HubSpot ticked all the boxes for Rota due to its versatility and having everything they needed in one platform. There was some initial customisation with the help of Plus Your Business (PYB). However, because HubSpot was more technologically advanced than Copper, it was easy to integrate systems and set everything up.

Rota uses HubSpot for sales, email and marketing campaigns, and lead generation. On top of this, Rota has fully automated the customer lifecycle for new clients coming on board. HubSpot also has the functionality to create reports for the board detailing the state of customer health for individual clients.

Toby Nelson, the Director of Customer Success at Rota, said, “The company loves HubSpot, and I believe we have only scratched the surface of what it can do for us. It’s professionalised our marketing, sales, and customer success management operations. It’s raised the level regarding how we understand our clients.

The Results Of Automation For Rota And Its Customers

HubSpot was so advanced in its capabilities compared to the previous CRM. Since using HubSpot, Rota has managed to save valuable time. There is now no need to log in and out of different systems. It has improved the ease of management instead of working with several platforms.

The company is using HubSpot to automate as many business processes as possible. Emiliana Ushilova, the Customer Success Manager, uses HubSpot to track customer metrics and create detailed reports. This automation enables her to have insight into customer health and take action if necessary.

Emiliana has found that HubSpot has also helped improve employee communication. Employees can now check data directly in HubSpot instead of having different calls to catch up. Indeed, business-process automation has helped enhance customer communication for the whole company.

The Training and Support Manager, Bri Jackson, responsible for onboarding clients, also handles service desk automation following the switch from Zendesk. Rota can now collect a Customer Effort Score (CES) when a ticket is solved. The company uses this information and can, when needed, further improve customer service.

Detailed reporting for different custom properties on tickets allows Rota to highlight and target problem areas. The ability to initiate baselines for average ticket response times lets the company measure specific periods. For example, the average time for agents to respond to a form was 3.6 days in 2021, and now it is 9.3 hours.

The Impact of HubSpot On Business Operations

The overall effect of Hubspot has impacted all of Rota’s departments by improving reporting capabilities and business operations. Management now has instant access to data whenever they need it. Rota can use this information to enhance the business further and improve customer relationships.

Employees can easily access client information in one central location. It helps to keep the teams up to date with client communications, feedback and issues. There is also improved team collaboration for email sequences and feedback survey creation. These capabilities have made all client communication easier and faster.

"Outstanding Support"


Our business made the decision to centralise all of our CRM needs via HubSpot. This meant moving away from multiple systems which we expected to be a difficult project. However, PYB took all of that stress away, leading us through each part of the process superbly, ensuring our whole team was comfortable and our transition was seamless. 10/10 ! Thank you PYB !

Toby Nelson

Moving CRMs can be incredibly daunting but Plus Your Business took all the stress out of it. They are knowledgeable, attentive and supportive. Would highly recommend them to anyone and everyone.

Tom Baker