Social Wonder: HubSpot Case Study

Social Wonder is a tech startup that offers social media management services for small and medium businesses in the United States. The company creates on-brand content for Instagram and Facebook and helps businesses with customer engagement and optimising their social media accounts.

The Main Challenge for Social Wonder

Social Wonder used many tools alongside their CRM (Pipedrive) to manage the whole sales process. These tools helped them with areas such as email automation and SMS automation. Additionally, they used Zapier to automate areas inside the CRM based on internal logic.

The whole system had become too complex to handle. Whenever Social Wonder wanted to change something, they had to seek support. Startups must react quickly to changes, and this option was not always available. The supporting companies might be busy with other clients, and these services are costly.

Social Wonder selected HubSpot as a viable solution. Dan Bendler, the co-founder/CEO of Social Wonder, started researching a company to help them migrate everything to HubSpot. Dan wanted to work with a company with high customer satisfaction and knew what they were doing.

The Best Positioned Solution With PYB

After Social Wonder selected HubSpot as a viable solution to their dilemma, Dan Bendler, the co-founder, started researching a company to help them migrate everything to HubSpot. Dan wanted to work with a company with high customer satisfaction and knew what they were doing.

Dan also wanted the company to have a reasonable price point, as there was a big price range for HubSpot onboarding services. The market had a mix of more affordable and expensive services. Social Wonder was looking for a partner that would meet all the criteria.

Dan said, “Plus Your Business (PYB) was positioned just right in how customers who had worked with them gave positive reviews and liked working with them. Also, the price was a reasonable offer. It was not too cheap or too expensive. It was just right.

PYB helped Social Wonder migrate their sales CRM and sales enablement software to HubSpot. The consultative approach with PYB worked great for Social Wonder. There were weekly meetings with the teams to go through different areas of the project.

While Social Wonder still needed to answer the questions from PYB and check areas with the sales team. PYB did the “heavy lifting” project management side of things. PYB showed high levels of organisation in their work, made follow-ups and prompts, and helped find answers to questions.

Positive Results Led To Recommendations

Social Wonder had been almost “held hostage” when they needed to change their setup. A small change, such as moving a deal from one stage to another, was not always so straightforward. Because of the new business logic, the company had made, they would have to use a service to help them.

Social Wonder is a tech company and is naturally computer savvy. However, HubSpot has given them the ability to make changes themselves. These changes can be anything from business logic, adding steps, or new automation. In most cases, it is faster than taking the time to explain them to a third-party supplier.

As an early-stage startup, HubSpot has been instrumental in taking the full stack of sales enablement for Social Wonder. It works seamlessly with everything it connects with, whether the CRM, marketing automation, optimisation to create business logic, etc. It has taken a lot of the overhead away from the company.

HubSpot has saved Social Wonder 80% of the time it originally took to make changes. Regarding costs, HubSpot might be slightly more expensive than what they had before. But the company is happy to pay for the convenience, ease of use, and good product that it is.

Due to the great, positive experience of working with PYB, Social Wonder recommended PYB to two other startups to help them with HubSpot onboarding and migration. These recommendations are a testament to how PYB can help businesses get the most from the HubSpot platform.

"Great service from a group of experts"


Elisa, Jamie and Martin were great! They knew everything I wanted to know about HubSpot and help us migrate successfully from Pipedrive. They were very service oriented, and completed everything on time and to my full satisfaction. Will definitely recommend them.

Dan Bendler
Co-Founder / CEO