Wolfestone: HubSpot Case Study


Wolfestone is an award-winning, full-service provider of professional language solutions. The company helps businesses scale and communicate globally. It offers award-winning professional translation services for clients and projects of all sizes.

The Main Challenge for Wolfestone

Wolfestone used a Project Management System (PMS) to log sales and do most of its reporting. However, the sales and marketing teams found the PMS was quite limited. The CRM and marketing functionalities in the PMS were nearly nonexistent.

Consequently, Wolfestone was using ten other platforms to match their business needs. These “extra” platforms included areas such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Tracking
  • SEO performance
  • PPC performance
  • General logging of data
  • Live chat

Using several different platforms was costing the sales and marketing teams precious time. Wolfestone needed a solution to centralise all the areas to help the sales and marketing departments.

A Two-Way Integrated Solution

Wolfestone started using HubSpot after the PMS they were using developed a two-way integration. Craig Alliss, the Head of Sales for Wolfestone, received a notification about a potential integration, and the company decided to go ahead.

While Wolfestone still needs to use its original PMS. The two-way integration means anything added to the PMS could be logged automatically as a deal in HubSpot. This automated process is more efficient for the sales team as there is less manual work.

The two-way integration allows reporting in one place for the marketing team. The reports can show SEO performance, PPC performance, and campaigns. There is also live chat access for all logged-in users, whereas before, it was for only one user.

HubSpot has made things easier for the sales and marketing team. If the sales team does not receive a response from a client or a contact goes quiet. These contacts can be sent automatically to marketing for marketing campaigns.

These contacts can go to the lead owner. Consequently, if somebody comes back and replies, it automatically notifies that person. This information goes into that original record as well.

It helps the business see who was the last point of contact working on a lead. Additionally, it gives Wolfestone further insight regarding the lead, so they can deem if it is worth a follow-up. This business intelligence has been powerful for Wolfestone.

The company uses Zoom Info for data sourcing. The new data process is now more efficient:

  • The data goes from Zoom Info into HubSpot
  • An email sequence is created for the sales team who wants to work with it
  • A record is then automatically created on HubSpot showing all the activities

Before HubSpot, when you used the separate email marketing campaign system, an export had to be done after the data had been sent. This process created some records, but they were never accurate. Activities also had to be updated manually.

Additionally, Zoom Info company record data is pulled into HubSpot to refine company information stored on the platform. This integration has helped to improve the quality of company information.

There has also been an integration of VOIP with HubSpot. Now employees can use “click to dial” from within the HubSpot records. It automatically logs the calls, which helps Craig, as a manager and leader, view the team's activity levels.

LinkedIn integration with Sales Navigator and the Premium Corporate account has been built into the campaign sequences. The system can automatically connect or send messages via LinkedIn. All actions go on HubSpot as a record.

The Positive Results Since Using HubSpot

The company conducted a cost analysis to determine the difference between using HubSpot or ten different platforms. The research showed it was more expensive to use several platforms than pay for the premium package with HubSpot.

There have also been significant time efficiencies saved using HubSpot. Before, the employees spent 1-3 hours each day using different platforms. Now, through the use of the HubSpot integrations, it takes them 50% less time.

Craig said, “HubSpot has helped me with team development as I can see whose working, what they are doing, and what is working. It’s also all in one place, which makes it easier to report. I then roll this data out and use it in one-to-ones to aid staff development”.

In a short space of time, Wolfestone has been able to enjoy many benefits from using HubSpot. It has made a positive difference in the following areas:

  • It is a better business process overall for the sales team to use.
  • The sales team is now more productive and efficient with their time.
  • The web developers liked using it as it is one set of code for all integrations.
  • Less code means the website now runs faster.
  • The business has gained time efficiencies in many different areas.
  • One location for everything has helped to improve data management.

The Overall Impact On The Business

The Hubspot platform has become their one-stop shop for the marketing team's sales, CRM needs, prospecting, and email marketing efforts. Since using HubSpot, Wolfestone can now target and engage clients more effectively.

The sales team as a whole enjoys using HubSpot. Team members have expressed that it is easy and quick to use. Seasoned sales professionals have also said it is better than many other systems they have used.

The marketing team used to outsource SEO and PPC work to a marketing agency. Outsourcing helped because it was hard to pull data and get records. The in-house team now handles this work as HubSpot has lowered the need to outsource it.

"HubSpot Experts"


Martin and Elisa are an amazing team. We tried HubSpot many years ago and felt we did not get value from it, we did the initial setup ourselves. With HubSpot developments it was decided we would give it another go, but this time have a team assist us with the setup. I would highly recommend anyone to do this, they made the process quick, easy and we are already seeing the benefits throughout our business.

Craig Alliss
Head of Sales - Wolfestone