Cansford Laboratories: HubSpot Case Study

Cansford Laboratories offers the UK’s fastest, highest quality drug and alcohol testing service. From their laboratory in Cardiff, Cansford offers a UK-wide testing service for individuals and organisations in family law, social care, criminal law, education, and the workplace.

The Challenges for Cansford

The Sales and Marketing Director Alex Swann asked Plusyourbusiness to help improve the digital marketing function.

The brief was to help Cansford with its digital marketing function and the challenges were three-fold:

  1. Firstly, to get better use out of HubSpot. Cansford had been using a HubSpot partner, but limited support was on offer. Cansford needed more help with HubSpot to start maximising the inbound sales opportunities it offers.
  2. Website optimisation. A new website had recently been introduced, which replaced a previous, bulky, and poorly optimised site. However, the new site had areas that required better optimisation. The legacy of the old site meant that some key search terms appeared on page eight!
  3. Improved Adwords. Cansford also knew that it could do better through its AdWords campaign, to promote the company and attract new clients.

The Solution with PYB

Because PYB was responsive and hands-on, Cansford quickly benefited from some quick wins that had immediate effect on the bottom line.

For example, mapping HubSpot to Cansford’s Adwords campaign correctly. HubSpot can now give the company a true reflection of the return of investment (ROI) for the different ad campaigns. It helps the company save money and target the right customers.

Cansford’s had an objective to be number one on Google for key search terms - instead of page eight. It is an ongoing challenge, as Cansford operates in a particularly competitive industry. However, PYB has pushed Cansford to the top of the Google search results.

Alex found the collaborative approach from PYB invaluable. At the time, she was working by herself in the marketing function. The PYB team were able to help her quickly with their problem-solving capabilities. As true partners, they could “pick up any slack” and help Alex in many areas.

This collaborative approach to partnering does not stop with day-to-day activities. Martin and the team at PYB are very proactive. If the team notices something is not happening, PYB will try to solve the problem. For example, if a project is stalling, the company devise a solution to fix it.

The Results

The collaboration between Cansford and PYB was dynamic from the beginning. It started with monthly meetings to discuss the results. Then the team put plans in place for the following months. A "Monday" management system helped organise the project and ensure there was always an organised approach.

Alex Swann said, “The amazing thing about working with Plus Your Business is that they are incredibly responsive.” There was no set amount of collaboration time or a limited number of projects. At last, Cansford works with a partner available to assist their business whenever needed.


The Google Adwords integration with HubSpot has positively impacted the company. It has improved the sales and marketing approach and reduced the cost of Google Ads. Thanks to PYB, the company reduced the cost of Google Ads by at least 50%. It also helped to increase the enquiry level by 100%.

The SEO assistance provided by PYB has also made a quantifiable difference to Cansford. Now that the website appears higher on a Google search, the company has received far more enquiries. PYB continues to work with Alex monthly to keep up with this area.


The HubSpot integration has helped to improve the different workflows for the company. Everything is now in HubSpot for easy tracking and monitoring. Also, it helps the company comply with laws and regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Finally, PYB has helped Cansford understand how to get the most from HubSpot for their particular tier/hub. For example, PYB can negotiate on behalf of Cansford to HubSpot to get the most attractive and viable solutions. The service from PYB has helped the company immensely to get the most from their investment continually.

"Focus, energy and results"


Martin and Elisa have invested in fully understanding our business, its goals and apirations and they make sure our digital efforts get the desired results. And they do this with energy, razer-sharp focus and brains! Many make agencies claim to 'partnering' their clients, but few really support through fair weather and foul. Martin and Elisa are a rare exception; thinking problems through and troubleshooting where needed. They are also very nice people to work with!

Alex Swann
Sales and Marketing Director - Cansford Laboratories

Elisa and Martin from Plus Your Business are the additional team members every business needs - experts in their field, always offering solutions, responsive to any issues you may have. They are an invaluable asset and I basically couldn't do my job without them. I sing their praises to other people in my company and I also recommend them to other firms when the opportunity arises.

Saska Shepherd
Digital Marketing Manager - Cansford Laboratories