Healthshare: HubSpot Case Study

Healthshare is an independent healthcare provider with established roots in muscular-skeletal health and diagnostics, founded by expert NHS clinicians. Healthshare works with doctors and hospitals to provide exceptional health care for NHS referrals and private clients.

The Challenge for Healthshare

Healthshare wanted to use a CRM to capture and progress leads. The company had been relying on spreadsheets and needed a more flexible solution. A CRM would help to automate their marketing tasks and enable effective follow-ups.

It was an urgent project as they needed to start capturing and progressing leads. There was also a tight turnaround as Healthshare was launching a new website at the same time. The company needed a quick solution to put a CRM into it.

Healthshare had looked at a few different systems before deciding on HubSpot. Healthshare also wanted to use an onboarding company to install the HubSpot platform.

The Solution by PYB

As onboarding experts, Plus Your Business (PYB) came highly recommended by HubSpot. On a technical level, some of the workflow requirements had complex elements. But these were well-modeled and well-understood by PYB.

Healthshare’s leads were predominantly private patients wishing to improve their healthcare. PYB was able to integrate Hubspot with Healthshare’s internal systems via a piece of custom work using the Hubspot API.

The integration involved transferring data for Consultants’ appointments. Healthshare needed to move this data from HubSpot to a system called Patient Source. This automation would let employees access Doctors’ diaries and book appointments.

Healthshare wanted the customer to continue their pathway without complications or delays. The transference of data via the API to a third-party system had to work seamlessly.

The new system had to be able to book the right consultant. While at the same time creating a seamless customer journey. Otherwise, the operator would have to put the data into separate systems.

The main benefit of the integration was that converted patients from Hubspot quickly appeared in clinical system worklists. The implementation meant the process could continue without any loss of time during a call with a customer.

In addition, clinical systems expect to receive information that matches technically-demanding global healthcare messaging standards (FHIR/HL7). PYB was able to meet these needs.

Another challenge was around the speed of the flow in Hubspot. PYB was able to refactor its initial work to achieve performance gains. Healthshare can now log in to Hubspot and see the code inside the flow-builder, some of which is annotated.

The Results

In the past, the manual processes Healthshare used were a lot clunkier. A patient would fill in a form on the website, which would then get emailed to a team member. This data would go into a spreadsheet with a follow-up later at an unscheduled time.

Greg Holt, the Group Marketing Director for Healthshare, said. “The follow-up that we did with patients in the past was imperfect. Now everything is joined up. Patients can fill out a form on the website, which the CRM automatically acts on to follow-up.

The marketing department has benefited immensely from the HubSpot integration within the website. Embedded forms populate the CRM instantly when a patient submits details on the website.

This automated approach means that any enquires received via the Healthshare website can be followed up immediately. It has speeded up the customer journey. The company also has more data to track progress.

Creating specific landing pages within Hubspot has also enabled digital marketing to evolve further and flourish.

The analytics within Hubspot also provide actionable insight. It means the marketing team can review the effectiveness of any marketing campaign. This data gives the team knowledge to make changes to optimise results.

The Impact of the Solution

Healthshare now has a CRM in place to handle leads more effectively. The valuable experience from PYB has helped them to achieve this primary goal. Most of the processes are now automated, which has helped speed everything up.

Since implementing HubSpot, the company has experienced improved operational quality and efficiency. Employees now have all the information at their fingertips. This access helps the company provide a better customer experience.

HubSpot helps Healthshare manage patient enquires more efficiently. Patients can also book scans and consultations correctly. Communication with patients is better and has positively impacted customer service and satisfaction.

"Best UK based HubSpot onboarding partner!"


Martin and Elisa and the team at Plus Your Business came highly recommended by HubSpot as an effective onboarding partner - they didn't disappoint! From the outset they were focused on our requirements and their knowledge and the support and expertise they provided was exemplary throughout the process. They went 'over and above' to provide us with working solutions. We continue to employ their services and I have no hesitation in recommending Plus Your Business as a HubSpot implementation partner.

Greg Holt