How to create new HubSpot contact from a Google Sheet


This workflow is a way to update a Google Sheet and trigger a HubSpot workflow simultaneously, before performing a series of operations - including a 2 minute delay.


  • A new lead is added to the Google Sheet,
  • The new row is detected by the zap and zaps the details to HubSpot and creates a new contact record with a custom property.
  • The zap then sends confirmation that a new contact has been created in HubSpot by sending a zap back to the Google sheet updating a column on that row with “Yes” in Confirmation of new contact column.
  • In HubSpot the custom property on the new contact record is the trigger for a workflow which rotates the new leads within the sales team.
  • Then is then a delay for 2 mins and a task is sent to the contact owner.
  • An email is sent to the contact and then a text instruction is sent to an integration to send contact a text.

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