How to replace Paid Membership Pro and WP Fusion using HubSpot


Recently we had the opportunity to scope a HubSpot deal for an online publishing business.
Their core stack looked like this:

current situation_image 1

Their content was hosted in a private area on Wordpress; membership to this area was managed by Paid Membership PRO (PMPro) - including sending out username and password details. WP Fusion then moved the data from PMPro into Active Campaign, which in turn sent out marketing type email communication.

The question is…what could HubSpot replace in this ‘stack’?

Having explored, there are two main options available…

The first is to only replace Active Campaign with HubSpot.
The reason being, if the content is hosted on Wordpress then both PMPro and WP Fusion are going to be required to manage access.

option 1_image 2

The second option is to replace the entire stack, as shown below:


In other words, HubSpot could replace PMPro i.e. membership/list control, password management - via HubSpot Content Hub. As well as easily replace Active Campaign through Marketing Hub.

This solution would require movement from Wordpress to HubSpot for the hosting of the private members/content area, which is easily within the abilities of HubSpot Content Hub (was HubSpot CMS).
The scale of the project needs mapping out - but this full stack solution would give a business the ability to remove several moving parts, and to benefit from e.g. personalisation within the private members area based on HubSpot data/properties.

Note: the main website (i.e. non-members area) could still remain on Wordpress - and any 'Directory' functionality of  PMPro will need to be rebuilt too.

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