RD Content: HubSpot Case Study

HubSpot as the Single Source of Truth.


RD Content is an award-winning video content agency. The company makes content and campaigns for the world’s biggest brands.

The Challenges for RD Content

The industry RD Content works in is notorious for being project heavy. For example, the company, within one month, could make a pitch for a £1 million project in the first week, a £50,000 project the following week, followed by a £100,000 project for the third week. The biggest issue that RD Content had was accurately projecting revenue.

On paper, the figures might initially seem optimistic, as they imply the business has £1,150,000 of business in the pipeline for a particular month. However, this situation is not ideal for RD Content. The company could not accurately predict how much business they would secure each month.

Traditional resource and pipeline management systems are effective for other industries, where clients buy items in mass. These systems, however, did not match how RD Content worked. The company could not confidently predict, by percentages, how much business they would secure. The reality was a “win or lose” scenario.

A Solution Matching The Needs Of The Business

RD Content worked together with Plus Your Business (PYB) on an idea to create a management system with HubSpot to help with revenue projections. Once PYB helped to set up the new system with HubSpot, RD Content started actively using it. PYB and RD Content customised the processes further to match the company’s needs.


The new system split the revenue that RD Content would work on. For example, the company could break down the £1 million project amount into specific months of work for the project. RD Content could finally use a percentage weighting system. This new functionality allowed weighting to be attributed depending on where it was in the pipeline.

For example, the percentages could be:

  • a warm lead 0%
  • meeting booked 20%
  • project approved (verbal) 60%
  • project approved (written) 80%
  • received the purchase order 90%
  • project in process

It also meant the company could give a weighting based on the position of spending revenue in the pipeline.

RD Content also built a prospecting/mailing part of the business through HubSpot by integrating multiple complex systems, such as LinkedIn and Seamless. AI. HubSpot is now the main point of contact for all data the company collates through all its different activities.

The Positive Results for RD Content

The old CRM system could not link to the company's finances and productions. HubSpot allows all employees to view daily, weekly, and monthly reports. Keir Nimmo, the Chief Commerical Officer, said, “Thanks to the work that Martin and the team at PYB have done. HubSpot has become our means of revenue projection and CRM.

RD Content has had continual growth for the last 13 years. However, to continue this growth in the company, Keir Nimmo, added, “There needs to be constant innovation, ideas, and rethinking of how the business operates, how the company hires and manages staff, and manages its clients.

The company can continue developing new ideas and growing the business using the right support systems. Using HubSpot has given RD Content the technology needed to keep moving forward. Additionally, there is more insight into revenue projection and the ability to understand which projects are likely to happen.

The Continuing Impact on the Business

Zeki Mehmet Ilmen, the Business Development Manager at RD Content, said, “Onboarding to a new CRM can be hard. However, our implementation was very smooth with Plus Your Business. Thanks to them, we are a very happy user of HubSpot. Since our journey was amazing, we also decided to use the marketing side of HubSpot”.


"Great working with Plus Your Business - I would recommend them to everyone!!!"


Onboarding to new CRM seems very hard and is most of the times. But our implementation was very smooth with Plus Your Business. I had all the attention and help from them. I haven't heard any ''No'' from them with any of my queries. Thanks to them we are a very happy user of the HubSpot. Since our journey was amazing that helped us to decide get Marketing side of the HubSpot as well. We will work with Plus Your Business of implementation of Marketing as well. I can say this with confident that I can and will recommend them to everyone. Lastly money well spent :) Thank you Martin and Elisa.

Zeki Mehmet Ilmen
RD Content